Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

We Are Boat Owners!

OK, the fun starts – we have officially accepted and are now boat owners – possession date January 17.  A little overwhelming but exciting as we scramble to complete the “To Do” lists – not to mention the bureacracy of registering , insuring etc etc etc.

Our boat is currently registered in France – and we have been unable to source the meaning of the name Tomati’k.  If anyone has a clue as to its origin or meaning please let us know.   If we are able to figure it out we may keep her name… if not we are now scrambling to come up with an alternative.  To register a boat in Canada no other boat can have that name so please help us out and be creative….. of course you can add roman numerals to the names also to help differentiate.

Here are a few ideas we have been tossing around – please vote and add your own!

Loving the ideas coming in – thanks and keep em coming!


Comments on: "We Are Boat Owners!" (5)

  1. I was curious so started looking around…Came across a few things that might make sense to the name Tomati’k:
    – It is a large family history name in Italy – may have some connection to the previous owners and nearby registration in France.
    – From what I could find “Tomati” comes from the Aramaic origin meaning twin and ” ‘k ” is a way of expressing 1000 or grand….Grand Twin in English???

  2. pat & Marilyn said:

    You could pretend it is a shuswap Native word meaning lovers of the wind

  3. pat & Marilyn said:

    Marilyn suggests you call it “Glen’s toy” or “living the DREAM”

  4. David Letourneau said:

    I’ll start working on expanding your slip at the Rivermouth! I think we’ll have to start by moving the store 🙂 ….then dredging the channel!

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