Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Farewell to Friends

Saturday I spent several hours working on a mini scrapbook to take with us and it was then that it started to hit me …   I have been so absorbed in the endless lists and preparation that I hadn’t really stopped to take in the fact that we have to bid farewell to family and friends.    After a(nother) sleepness night I awoke and was so looking forward to connecting with our Zion family Sunday.  And as I sat and reflected in the pew I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and gratitude for finding this “little church that can”.  The Zion community has a way of embracing, supporting, encouraging and ‘buoying’ a person up that can compare to nowhere else.   When nudged by my friends who asks “are you crying?” … of course I replied!  Little did I know that there was yet more love in store.  So, THANKS to you all for the loving thoughts, support and CAKE!  You are a special community that will travel asea with us and I will be singing your praises as I explore little churches along the way…. and remember if you are looking for an adventure afloat – just send us a note 🙂


Comments on: "Farewell to Friends" (2)

  1. Very excited for you! Gonna miss you guys as well. I tried the boat name voting thingie but crapped out on me. I like Amoray, and Kearney Kruiser. Take care, Love Reid.

  2. Alice Warnes said:

    Found your blog! I’ll raid this regularly to send your news through the Messenger at Zion to all your friends who are cheering you on here. Sorry to report you missed the skating party at Rod’s last Sunday….maybe next year? The Messenger will be feeding you all our events to remind you of another life…back in Armstrong. Be assured we’ll all be thinking of you, and wishing you fair weather and following seas…
    Alice Warnes, Editor of the Zion Messenger

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