Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Less Than A Week To Go!


Wow, it has been a bit of a blur the last week or so as preparations and the countdown continues.  Sort of feels like the hulabaloo required for a space shuttle launching at Cape Canaveral…..  It has been great to connect with so many friends over the past little while to bid farewell.  The out pouring of good wishes was overwhelming… we are truly blessed to have such incredible people to call friends.

We spent the morning trying to pack all of the piles of stuff…. volume isn’t an issue – weight is… all those books and tools.  We have done some fine tuning… (I lost a few spice bottles and Glen a few tools) but we are within striking range of our 200lb goal.  We will ‘think on it’ over the next few days on what gets the cut to get us down those 5 lbs….

With a great feeling of accomplishment this afternoon we crossed off nearly everything on our “To Do” list with just a few minor things remaining.   The cold snap is making us quite anxious to get out of here I must admit…  but I notice it is a cool 23C in Tortola today so they too are having a bit of a spell – ha ha.

I am sure many of your are wondering what we finally decided on for a ‘name’ for our new home…. well there was much deliberation (and disagreement) in the household and Glen seemed to use up many vetos!  It was a lengthy procedure coming up with a unanimous decision in our household of two.  Glen insisted that our name not be on the boat for security reasons, he was worried that everyone would think my name was Mabel if we included that in the name and wanted something short meaningful and easy to radio in…… so we have agreed to disagree on those issues and chosen AMORAY that we both like.  Moray eels have always been one of our most favorite and plentiful dive buddies and it also has its connections to our love and love of the sea… so if Transport Canada agrees (we won’t know for a couple of weeks) we will have a renaming ceremony aboard and Tomati’k will become our new home Amoray.

Here are some of our eel friends from around the world…


Comments on: "Less Than A Week To Go!" (1)

  1. Harry and Barbea said:

    Harry is quite upset that you didn’t choose ‘Steamy Windows” for the name of your boat but you did decide on the one I voted for. So I say – Good choice!!
    We have been thinking about you. Hope you have all the t’s crossed and the I’s all dotted and if you haven’t I’m sure things will work out. Good luck to you on your adventure. We will continue to read your blog with interest.
    Harry and Barbea

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