Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Arrived Safe & Sound!

Well, we made it – luggage and all.   Everything went relatively smoothly (other than the bomb threat at the San Juan airport)…. We have unpacked most things for now but will have to redo and organize better once we get cleaning supplies etc tomorrow.  The sun is shining, the waves are gently lapping,  the pelicans are diving just off the boat,  so life is very good.  We are exhausted as we didn’t sleep on the plane (nor Monday night at home).  So it being 5pm now for us, I think we are heading for a shower, snack and bed.  We will take some pictures and tell more stories in the next couple of days as we settle in.   Thanks Pat and Marilyn for taxiing us and seeing us off at the airport


Comments on: "Arrived Safe & Sound!" (7)

  1. Marilyn Pat Crystal & Mr Randy said:

    Hi so glad(relieved)you made it safe. Hope you enjoy the winter whats left , and the early spring , looking forward to see you back here soon when you tire of your life of leisure, and need the pressures of the northerly climates. Cheers we all miss you already,

  2. Marilyn Pat Crystal & Mr Randy said:

    Glad you made it safe sorry about the no sleep thing may the waves be gental in your cradle. look fwd to your pictures

  3. Marilyn Pat Crystal & Mr Randy said:

    Glad you made it safe this is my third attempt to make a comment $$#@!%

  4. Marilyn Pat Crystal & Mr Randy said:

    Glad you made it safe and intact luggae & all (tools included?)

  5. Marilyn Pat Crystal & Mr Randy said:

    hi So glad you made it safe even though you had little sleep. the pressures are off and you have nothing but time on your hands there are others of that feel just a twinge of Jealousy . enjoy the waves ,sun,& sand.

  6. Reid and Kathy said:

    Glad to hear you are there safe and sound. The bomb threat is a little scary. How was your first nights sleep rocking with the ocean? We all are thinking of you and are just a little jealous, ok a whole lot jealous. Talk to you soon

  7. Harry and Barbea said:

    Hello Glen and Dalyn,
    I can’t imagine 24 hours later…….. must of been exhausting. Glad to hear that you made it safely to your boat. Half of the ‘stuff’ you took you probably won’t need or use. Life will take on a whole new perspective. We really forward to checking in on you guys.
    Harry and Barbea.

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