Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Day Three & Still Sane

We are starting to settle in … the lists seem endless but a wise marina guy reminded us to get out and enjoy the boat and not be overwhelmed by the work…. well  …. we are getting close to the overwhelmed part.  We have spent the last two days provisioning (everything from cleaners to food stuffs) and are now able to prepare our own meals which is great.   We did some major cleaning today – made good headway but will need tomorrow to finish up topside.    We have picked up our ‘new to us’ dinghy and motor and putted it back in over the rollers from another bay:)

Most shops are closed over the weekend so we are hoping to have some time to relax and enjoy and take her out to sea on the weekend to, if nothing else, run the sails and check out the rigging.  We have booked a seasoned instructor to come aboard with us for a 2 day sail Monday-Tuesday for a refresher course.  This will give me peace of mind and Glen reinforced confidence in his skills.  We have some repair work scheduled in the marina for Wed or Thurs and then will head out on our own Friday.  There are lots of islands to explore and truly enjoy why we decided to do this:)

We will maintain contact with Tortola as we await final paperwork for registration.  Once this arrives we will return to Nanny Cay (and its fabulous facilities) to pick it up, have a renaming ceremony and get our pelicans in a row and then set sail for St. Martin,  Our buddy Rob, who is currently living in Nassau, Bahamas will hopefully join us for this first long, overnight passage.

So on tomorrow’s agenda is to find the camera, take some pictures  and add them to the site so check back soon.


Comments on: "Day Three & Still Sane" (5)

  1. pat hudson said:

    Wow avery busy time I hope you find some time to relax

  2. t. bentsen said:

    Congrats on feather nesting, or whatever you would call it. Hannah just realized that if something were to happen to us as she tried to knock us off recently, she gets to join you on the sail boat vs living in Edmonton with Mark’s sister and going to public school…..Funny how quickly she decided learning at sea would be much more FUN! So just giving you the heads up if we suddenly go missing, you know who had a motive! Enjoy the first sail 🙂

  3. Sounds like you guys have had a few very busy days! Glad everything is getting sorted out! Enjoy yourselves! I am going to download Skype so we can chat and aiden can see you guys too! Have fun! Love you!

  4. Wayne &Karin said:

    Hi guys, sounds like everything is falling into place. We are back in Bali and fly to BKK on Friday the 10th. We are both very envious of you, hope glen takes some of the pics, you are easier to look at, ha! Ha!

  5. Wayne &Karin said:

    Let us know when you are on skype

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