Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

What’s in a Week?

Wowza – can’t belive it has been a week – hard to keep track of days down here!  We are still getting settled in, having a few repairs and maintenance issues addressed and reaquainting ourselves with the sailing world.  Monday and Tuesday we had an instructor come out with us on a refresher course and it was extrememly valuable.  We had 25 knot winds and had her up to 7.5 knots on the downwind run back to the marina… quite  a rush 🙂   We then hired him independently to spend some time making recommendations on how to rig her out best.  So yesterday we re-rigged the lines and today reran the lines and rehoisted the sails (which we had  few minor repairs and twekaing done too)… Meanwhile the mechanical guys have been working on some other repairs…. we hope to have all ‘ready to head to sea’ by Saturday and off we will go to start our BVI explorations!

Day is done, all the repair equipment is off loaded, the clean sails are hoisted and tucked away and the laundry is in as I type….. so in the morning I need to do some serious ‘recleaning’ from all the worker action over the past few days and then we will make a run into town tomorrow (using a friend’s truck) for a few groceries (and buy a cell phone)… and set sail by noon…. so will be out of communication for a few days:)  Can’t wait to finally enjoy some time afloat and out away from all the action and “busyness” of the past week.

Here we are  having just a little fun


Comments on: "What’s in a Week?" (1)

  1. pat hudson said:

    Hope all is well and you are getting to rest, sound s like more work that play? we had the annual camp meeting last night 55 people missed you guys, and seeings how you were not there you got all the positions that require your presents in Mac Camp (hurry home!!)

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