Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

A(nother) Week of Firsts

Well, I actually wrote this last week and thought we would have wi-fi connection Friday but alas.. this did not work.  We are currently in a marina and should have connection for the next couple of nights so I will post this “dated” version for now and hope to update a new one tomorrow.

So this week included a new list of firsts for us:

  • A new name for our boat – our registration came in so we were able to have an official de-naming and re-naming for our beautiful baby…..  we followed all the rules to appease Neptune, God of the Seas.  Glen only whimpered a little as we poured a bottle of Mount Gay Rum over her bow in the de-naming ceremony and then a bottle of bubbly for her official naming.

The Official Naming Ceremony

  • Our first dinner guests – we had new friends aboard for dinner and realized why we need to get a BBQ ASAP – using the oven and burners down below in 29C days is just a little too toasty.  Despite cooking with limited utensils, pots and ingredients it was delicious and enjoyed by all as we sat on deck and enjoyed the cool(er) breezes.
  • Our first clearing of customs – leaving the BVI’s and entrance to the USVI’s…..  quite an experience – lots of rules, i’s to dot and t’s to cross but we made it – the US agent did come chasing out to our dinghy to call us back….. we returned to find that we missed a signature in one place – whew – otherwise we were good to go.
  • Our first “Inn is Full experience”  …..Busy, busy on the seas – we had tried to get to St.Thomas and the marina tonight but no room ….. apparently the host said “folks aren’t going south this year”.  We have managed a reservation for tomorrow and will spend the day shopping for provisions at the local Kmart and Home Depot
  • My first night of ‘wooziness’  as I type this we are currently on a mooring buoy off a lovely beach in Caneel Bay, St. John’s…. However, it isn’t very sheltered, the rains started so we are down below and the boat, she is a’rockin!  Not sure on the quality of sleep tonight
  • Our first “runs” this week as we try and get into a routine – we took the dinghy ashore and spent some grueling time running in the sun this week!
  • Our first week without repairs and workmen aboard.  Things are settling down and getting worked out – had a chance to get more settled and create a few things – like a hammock for the fruits and veggies, a hammock in my bunk for book, glasses and light, a home-made ‘life sling’ safety device in the cockpit, a log book and other form type items to make customs clearing more streamlined
  • Our first hair-raising, hearth thumping experience as we had a boat almost drive straight into our stern!  We were anchored in the bay and I was sitting in the cockpit working on the computer – (Glen was below deck working on something) I look up and a boat is coming towards our stern – I think – oh, he is just nosing up so he can drop anchor… I look again – OK, nobody is at the bow on the anchor – no one is looking at all‼‼!   I start doing the banshee yell and waving my arms and finally a guy looks up and yells hard port……  they narrowly slip by brushing the back end of the dinghy that is tied off at our stern!  They look sheepishly and apologize…….  Hopefully they will pay more attention next time…. Certainly got my heart working for the afternoon….
  • Oh and see the second to last note – I spoke too soon…… our fridge compressor stopped working so we have a repair person in working on it as I type.

Comments on: "A(nother) Week of Firsts" (1)

  1. Gail and Chuck Hildebrandt said:

    Hi Daylnn and Glen; Your pictures are great and it is so good to hear from you and all about your adventures. Everything looks so beautiful with the clear blue water and the lush forests. I am looking out to the world of snow and shovelling driveways and there you are soaking up the sun. Thanks for emails, we so enjoy reading them. Gail H.

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