Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

These are things I have learned:

  • I recently read that the “morning rooster” is the unofficial bird of the BVI’s – this makes sleeping past 5:30am challenging
  • That a day can be from 5:30am (see note above) and end in bed by 9pm
  • Shaving is best done in marina showers not off the back deck
  • I will never tire of fish/critter watching
  • I can wear the same clothes all week
  • There is NOTHING like the smell of a real shower and clean laundry (see note above)
  • Life is possible without TV, constant internet connection, radio, news etc
  • Keeping a boat clean is a never ending process (especially when it is all white!)
  • Being a vegetarian is a great thing when living out of an icebox for a week
  • Sometimes I am stronger than I think – like when reefing in the sails or climbing up the mast
  • I am getting braver than I thought possible – winds are stronger than we have had sailing in the Gulf islands – a new challenge everyday with new limits reached
  • bruises and mosquito bites are a way of life
  • Who needs adornment?  I lost my toe ring, broke my anklet and blew out a flip flop all within 2 days – barefeet and windblown now
  • Patience is a skill well learned when dealing with “island time”.  We learned this lesson well (and over and over again) as we spent an endless 5 days purchasing and having a new chartplotter/GPS installed.
  • Sometimes even Lethbridge doesn’t seem windy in comparison to the trade winds here lately

And On Another Note

We were to put a name on our tender – initially we had chosen “amigo del mar”… however, after living with her for a month we have learned that she is:  temperamental, a little worn down, has a mind of her own but follows us everywhere … so here she is  “The Napa II”

Some Other Recent Photos

Stalled in the BVI’s – Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Rob arrived on Sunday. We were moored in a little bay (along with about 50 other boats) in what is known as the ‘airport parking lot’.  A dinghy ride to shore and a one minute walk and we were at the arrival gate.  Monday we headed north to Virgin Gorda, our take off point for St. Martin but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating.  The winds are 25-30 knots with seas of 10′ …. so we are waiting it out hoping for a weather window to open in the next few days.  Friday night is currently looking like it might be doable but will wait and see.  If this doesn’t work we will have to get Rob a flight to St.Martin to connect with his outgoing flights home…. oh there is always a twist just when you think you have it all figured out… again, that lesson in patience:)


Comments on: "Things I Have Learned and Other Stuff" (4)

  1. Sandy Houtstra said:

    How envious I am! Enjoy your travels. Sure looks like you are. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be following along.

  2. Love the pictures – enjoy the wind. It reminds me of the spring winds on the prairies.

  3. Wow You shure have learened some neat stuff, some of it I wont want to experiance. Glad you are having a great time. The challanges will drive home the memories

  4. Gail and Chuck Hildebrandt said:

    You two look wonderful – enjoy the pirate life but stay close to shore on those windy days.

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