Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

A(nother) New Plan

The winds are just beginning to ease, however it takes a few days for the seas to lose their strength from the winds… so we are not going to make it to St.Martin with Rob.  He has now booked a flight from Tortola to St.Martin to make his connecting flights home.  We are heading back to our ‘airport parking lot’ tomorrow.  Glen and I are trying to arrange for an experienced captain/crew person to come with us early in the week when the weather window is open as we are still feeling a little uncertain (especially after hearing some ugly stories of the crossing lately) to make the passage on our own.We have filled our week here and it was still a good get away for Rob.  We rented a car for a day and toured some of the island highlights – the “baths” (see photos).  We also had to make a few immigration stops as all of our visas were expiring since we had planned on being gone already.  Another afternoon was spent hiking to the top of the island for some incredible views.  And of course I had time for laundry, cleaning and odd jobs on the boat….

Here are some photos of our lovely island hideaway – Virgin Gorda.

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Comments on: "A(nother) New Plan" (3)

  1. Ahhhh at last – finally able to catch up on readings of your adventures at Sea!
    Sounds like you are having a great time and even though some plans have been postponed, I don’t think I would mind spending some additional time in those places with those views!
    I’m glad everything is coming together for you guys! Love, love, love the new name Napa II – I don’t think it could be more fitting. I’m sure you are also very ecstatic to have your dive gear on board and can’t imagine how many neat things you will see!
    I love all the photos and updates along the way!
    Take care and have fun 🙂

  2. t. bentsen said:

    Thanks for the skype, although I forgot to turn on my video…..hello, didn’t quite ‘get it’ when you said you couldn’t see me!!! Hannah thinks I’m an idiot! My learning curve is skyping and Facebook….so a tad different from your learning, but altogether good. Well your ‘p’ word could be your new manta for the year (patience), we were asked yesterday in yoga to put a manta in our practice…good advice as it can really keep you focused. Sorry about not sailing out with Rob but I’m ‘safety sue’, and she says be SAFE! And call on those sea angels to sail with you. Snow is slowly melting but it is just early March in Calgary, no wishful thinking here, so keep smiling in the wind. My neighbor who has been to Tortola asked for your blog site and she just emailed that she is selling everything, maybe not the two kids, and heading south! So you now may be our neighbor idol, you’re an inspiration!
    my warmest hugs to both and Napa two 😉

  3. Beautiful views and I can feel the heat from the rocks just looking at them. I can just imagine how long it takes the Ocean to calm down – I remember a few storms when were were on our canoeing expeditions after a storm. Enjoy and lots of hugs to both of you and Napa Two.

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