Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Adventures in Antigua

We can’t believe it is April already….  Amazing to think of all the adventures we have had in the past months.

The last couple of weeks have been spent in Antigua.  We were so excited to have Reid & Kathy join us aboard for 10 days… we had lots and lots of fun and sailed all the way around the island, which  lived up to its reputation of having 365 beaches.  Our days were spent on beaches, trails, underwater and on the boat.  The photo gallery highlights some of our merriment and site seeing.  Reid & Kathy settled into boat life easily and it was sure sad to see them go.   They were great sports and took everything in stride with, us the neophyte boat owners.  We added a number of ‘misadventures’ to our list and everyone just went with the flow.  Be sure to ask them of the details of the ‘extra experiences”.  I will simply leave it with a few of Kathy’s choice comments one day “ that is one way to anchor”; “this is my kind of sailing” and finally; “I’m not scared, if I fall in I can just stand up”.

Photo Gallery

We are staying in Anitgua over the Easter weekend as checking in to the next island will be too challenging with the holidays.  We are also waiting on a repair to our leaking hot water tank.   Our next island in the chain is the French island of Guadeloupe.


Comments on: "Adventures in Antigua" (4)

  1. Hey guys – sounds & looks like you are having a great time – Happy Easter.

    We are starting to get ready….check us out at kkgritt.wordpress etc

  2. Antiqua looks absolutely amazing!! Love those beaches and sunsets. Hope you had a nice Easter and have a safe journey to the next adventure.

  3. Wow looks like you guys all had a good time! Great pictures!

  4. Ok folks your bodies are becoming too brown!
    You are having way too much fun for “old folks”.
    We miss you too much here at home.
    We are truly happy for you
    We enjoy seeing your adventure from a far.
    keep sending pictures they are wonderful, the weather here is cool and damp.

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