Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Well, OK it feels sort of like jail …

quay 7 in Marina Bas du Fort

So, tomorrow will be a week in the Marina…. a very, very lonnnng week… no beaches, sunshine and friendly folk here.  We have been awaiting repairs, purchasing more anchor chain and hanging out ashore.  The marina has locked gates, washroom facilities and about 1000 boat slips – most occupied by locals…

After much searching we discovered our water leak was due to the hot water tank. It has now been uninstalled and installed about 4 times – I think Glen could do it in his sleep.  We are really hoping that the last attempt to repair it will come through in about an hour when a welder we found returns it and Glen attempts the final installation.  If not in the bin it goes and we will reroute the water to close the loop and wait until perhaps St. Lucia  (as the prices for a new one here are outrageous).

The other issue has been our dinghy motor that began to act up about a month ago and was getting worse each time until 2 days ago it gave up the ghost…  So back to “Fred Marine” and in the shop it went for a couple of days.  Thankfully he was able to repair it (minus a fuel filter as he couldn’t source one)… so it will do until the next port.  We took it out today and all is well.

Lastly, we have been finding that many of the anchorages in the chain of islands now are steep to ashore.. meaning it is difficult to get in water less than 30-40 feet to anchor… and alas we didn’t have enough anchor chain to do so.  We were able to add another (very expensive 30 m) to our existing chain so we should be set now.

As you can tell from the above, Guadeloupe has been a bit of a ‘do not return to’ island on our list for the return journey.  It is run down and decaying… much left in disrepair since the last hurriance to go through.  Grafitti everywhere, which we haven’t seen before,  and we felt a little unsafe at the public beach the other day with a group of 4 tough looking shouting guys.  On top of that without much in the way of French, it has been a challenge to communicate…. and most people are not willing to even try….

If all goes according to plan…. we hope to sail out of here tomorrow morning for either the “Saintes” or “Dominica” depending on the wind and weather.


Comments on: "In “jail” in Guadeloupe" (3)

  1. Gail and Chuck Hildebrandt said:

    This doesn’t sound like a good place to be, better that you find somewhere else. As you repair each thing needing work, you only improve your boat, so soon it will be in tip top shape. Have a safe journey to your next destination. We helped filled up the Good Food boxes today – lovely produce. Suzanne, Marg and myself are off next week end to Princeton for the UCW conference. It could very well be the last one they have. Numbers are dwindling. Next sunday is Camp Sunday and apparently Lorraine is coming. But of course I won’t be there. Still doing yard work, but things are looking up. Regards Gail H.

  2. Wayne &Karin said:

    Sounds as if you are working all the kinks out of the boat so soon it will be perfect maybe the friend who named his boat the money pit wasn’t far wrong eh!!! Things at Mabel are humming along… The hall reno’s are finally on their last leg. You wouldn’t believe that it took five women to choose a paint color it was none of our first choices but Barbea and I grabbed it in as there were three other choices…pumpkin… Purple and teal. we were leaning toward a light tan but no luck. It does look great. We all sure miss you guys. Your pictures are wonderful, we remember those beautiful seas lovely and warm. Stay safe and keep your eyes on the horizon. Take care Wayne and Karin

  3. Hi sure does sound like there hope for better news from your next stop . Re the anchor chain – there is the old time song “will your Anchor hold ” strong chain helps . hope the weld in the chain and the hot water tank both hold . Gas filters who needs them anyway they just retard the flow of the gas . get more power through it out eh .
    Things are purring along here too. we started a small job on the house and now have removed all the carport cement and the drive way blacktop . We have a fine looking new cement drive right to the road added a new cement side walk across the front and nice crush gravel on the trailer side right out to the road . so will now have make new steps and deck etc lots and lots of work, running out of cash fast.
    Sure miss you guys come home soon

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