Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

A Visit to Alberta

It is great to see mom and family….  I flew home last week for a visit.  It was a bit of a struggle to get here as I waited for over 2 hours in Miami at customs and as a result missed by next two connecting flights.  Eventually after re-routing through Chicago I landed at 12:30am (on a work night- thanks to Reid & Kathy for picking me up)! Unfortunately I also came home with a cold that I had caught from the children in the reading program.  I am praying that mom and others do not pick this up.  It has been a great visit with time to visit, shop and catch up with family.   The weather here has been incredible with sunshine and 20C most everyday…so nice we even had a chance to get out on the lake with the new “limenator” boat.

Glen has been working through the “to do” list that I left … tee hee…..

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It has been a great time in Alberta however, as I am packing my bags I find I am anxious to get home to Glen and Amoray,



Comments on: "A Visit to Alberta" (2)

  1. Maureen macdonald said:

    Oh my dear Dalynn. I am so glad you got a family visit in. Gotta tell you wish I could have popped in and out of Alberta for a hug. Sounds like you and Glen are having a trip full of adventures and some wonderful people.
    I just caught up on the travels. Life continues to be busy – trips to Vancouver for Livi snuggles and also with Trinity and Marty. Treatment continues on- if his counts have come up enough he will start another round on Monday. Continues to be challenged with most side effects and he meets them head on. I continue to be amazed / proud of the fight and attitude these two have. Livi is just a little one full of fun. She us a rolling all over and loves to hear herself.
    I am so happy you are talking about your plans over the next few months. I miss you so very much – but when I read your blogs I find a smile on my face as in your writing I see your excitement and delight in this adventure
    Continue to be safe in the waters
    I continue to keep you both in my prayers
    Hugs to my very dear friend

  2. Glad you got home to see your family and had great weather things here are wet wet wet and the lake and river are full of water the teacher stricke is keeping kids away from camp we hve great staff but no school programs booked as yet , lots and lots of things to keep us guys busy though hurray home before you miss all the full. (Enjoy yourselves down there hope you are having a great time ) Mable lake road was closed due to wash outs now open to single lane trafffic.

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