Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

We met up with Andrew again the other day as he was back delivering another boat for Moorings.  If anyone is, or knows of someone looking for a captain (delivery or cruising) Andrew is your man.  He is based in Bequia but travels throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  He has been sailing for 40 years and there is little he doesn’t know about these waters and boats.  We were lucky to have met Andrew while he was captaining for the charter of 8 Vancouverites that we connected with.  They had much respect and admiration for him after spending the week sailing together.  Andrew has been back to Grenada several times since then and always stops by to visit and help with any number of maintenance issues – last time he helped Glen (OK taught Glen how to) clean and grease all of the winches.  Drop us a note if you would like information on how to contact him …..


Comments on: "Captain Andrew" (2)

  1. Glad to hear you two are back together. We are back in Calgary until the 29th of June. Came back for Connie’s dental work , surprise birthday party, marissa’s dance concert and visiting with the children and grandchildren. We Came back through rainy weather it has been cold and wet at the lake. The lake and rivers are rising Hup[el flats area the water is lapping at the road. Enderby mabel lake road was closed for a day ( partial washout near John Turners, Aston Creek flooded at tne Trailer park there , some trailers flooded, The NO.1 Cloed for 36 hours again at Heather Hill. Snow at Canmore, lots of rain in Alberta and still to come. I saw Vic checking on your place while we were there. I dont know if our comments are getting through but I keep sending. May your sails be filled with Happiness and Health even after the tumbles. Barrie & Connie Taylor

    • Hi there
      glad to hear your are well and sorry to hear about the rainy cold weather at Mabel. Sounds like everywhere though…. skyping with friends in Calgary yesterday and they said they had the furnace on…. crazy! So I guess hearing us complain of the heat might fall on deaf ears???? 30C everyday and with the humidity it feels like 36C so we are seeking shade and fans but other than that having a great time getting to know Grenada. Reid and Kathy will be out June 30 to spend the summer at our place and are very excited (especially with the purchase of their new Moomba boat ! Take care and wishing you clear skies and sunny, warm weather very soon.

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