Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Grenada Life

Well, can’t say we are sailing the islands (or anywhere for that matter).  After arriving in Grenada May 7, other than a couple of outings we have stayed put.  Our cruising comminuty continues to expand as more and more folks arrive for the season.  Trying to keep track of names, boats and hailing ports is a definite challenge, however hearing tales of travel and adventure is always fascinating and inspiring to us newbies on the scene.  We remain in the marina as we continue to wait for the container with our windlass to come in from St. Maarten (we are into week 4 now).   We have learned more lessons in patience and just chuckle now when we check in at the store.  The marina is a great place to be and we quite enjoy the lovely showers and pool.

There is always something happening so we have been out and about on the island quite a bit.  Our weekly committments include beach volleyball and the Hash runs and we try to limit the other things to one more event.  We are over our limit this week however with the dinghy concert and Fish Friday tonight.  The dinghy concert was fabulous.  It is a little hard to imagine but goes like this – a tug boat for the stage, rafted to a sail boat on one side for support and a floating barge for the bar and seating on the other side.  This took place in a bay on the south end of the island and as we were not within dinghy distance we caught a ride out to the floating barge.  Dinghies from all the local boats begin to gather and raft up to the tug and the entertainment begins.   Great fun:)  Here is a link to a youtube video – “Where’s Waldo”  (I mean Glen – you can see his mug in a number of the shots).

And some recent photos:

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  1. You guys apear to almost be having fun

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