Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

We were at a “boat jumble” (think garage sale for boaters) and I came across a book called “Escape from Someday Isle”.  I had not heard that expression before but knew it was our theme song.  As we begin the 6th month of our new lifestyle we realize we are living the dream of “someday I’ll” – a long time in coming – was worth the wait.  Is it everything we expected?  Yes and much more‼

We have decided that life is very good mixed with lots of water… we always have a waterfront view and even though we are on the “far dock” in the marina we are still rocked to sleep each night.  Life is simple…we have 2 pots, 2 fry pans, 4 large utensils, 1 casserole dish, a few large bowls and one electrical appliance (a small blender for making humus).  My clothes fit on one (very narrow) shelf and 5 hangers.  Cleaning the living space on the boat can be accomplished in an hour, simple meals prepped to table in 35 minutes easily which leaves lots of time for the dreaded laundry.  OK, I do miss my washing machine but with most days in bathing suits it means less of that too – well except for Glen’s daily soaking wet tank tops and tees.

As the “cruising” part of our journey is temporarily halted due to hurricane season we are truly getting into the community lifestyle in Grenada.  We are out and about hiking, running and exploring the island followed by regular happy hour chats poolside with neighbors.  The island atmosphere is ramping up for Carnival and we are looking forward to being in the midst of it all.  We have joined the “Carib Mas group” for Carnival.  This includes dancing along with the gang in the parade….but also includes a lighted beer mug with endless refills.  (as Carib is the local beer!)   There is a large group of us from the marina taking part so it will certainly be a loud, fun-filled happening event.

Glen crawling in the anchor locker to install our shiny new windlass:)

“Move Ur Mas” – learning to ‘wine’ – where’s waldo? look for the pink shorts (nobody told me to pack black tights!)


Comments on: "“Someday Isle” is Here and Well" (1)

  1. storms at mabel lake trees blown down, we have no damage you are fine also. the new house up by Jane and bob got the roof on , windowqs in and now a big green tree is over the roof doest look like too much damage as the braches cushioned the fall. haave you been getting our comments. barrie &Connie

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