Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Hiking and walking in Grenada is always a great way to spend some time, get some exercise and see new sights.  One morning a group of us headed for Forts Matthew and Frederick which provided spectacular views down to the marina despite the misty rains.  Another highlight was the incredible rainbows display.   I had taken our good camera along and was able to capture a double and some great shots of the single rainbow but the triple remained elusive.

looking south towards BBC beach

towards the Carnage – cruise ship dock and outgoing container ship

How else do we fill our days?  I am telling you – some days we have to make decisions as to what events to attend as several overlap.  One afternoon found a large group of us taking part in the first annual “Cruiser Olympics” (including an Olympic torch, ribbon cutting and medals at the end.  It was a blast and reminiscent of those childhood parties.  Tug-o-war, balloon races, egg toss, three legged races and a coconut shot put were just a few of the hilarious events.  Needless to say the grown up version also included a beer hurdle event and the field contained a Hummer with a tailored dinghy to serve as the refreshment station. The hardest part of the day was choosing sides for the tug-o-war as it was the “Port Louis Marina” gang vs “Mt Hartman Bay”.

with pals Lynn and Ken, pausing during the “beer hurdle” race – I just can’t chug a beer!

the ever popular (coconut) shot put event. The dogs were excited to retrieve the ‘shot’, however, not so excited to return it.

my partner, Ron, and I at a photo finish in the three-legged race

what’s an Olympics without a balloon race?

Music is rich and varied on the island.  The other night we attended a performance by the Grenada legendary Nicola Barracuda.  He is an amazingly talented musician who is hard to classify.  His byline for the evening reads:  “a musical journey through various styles sung in different languages from reggae to opera!  He played for 2 1/2hrs straight and entertained with his stunning vocal style.  The evening ended with Glen’s favorite – a U2 song that he played with only 3 strings left on his guitar

Barracuda man – and man can he entertain

a great group and a super fun evening!

And now, here we are at the Spice Island Marine Services – side to at the travel lift dock (where the boats get lifted out of the water to go on the hard).  We are having an arch built for the stern to hold the dinghy and solar panels.  TechNicK is doing the work and we are suitably impressed. He prides himself on function and design together and it is quite a work or art.  They started fitting yesterday and today is installation day.  We hope to pull out of here first thing in the morning as the boatyard is not a fun place to hang out – hot, hot, hot and very buggy next to the mangrove swamp‼

our shiny new arch is getting installed

Amoray at the boatyard dock


Comments on: "More Amazing Grenada Experiences!" (1)

  1. Love those pictures – what beautiful shots of rainbows. Look like you are having way to much fun…. We have nice warm sunshine with the odd shower during the IPE, but it is feeling like fall is here. Gearing up for a quieter time at camp. Take care.

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