Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

It is hard to believe it has been 6 weeks since leaving Amoray behind in Grenada!  We returned and stepped right back into things and as I reflect during our last week in Canada it seems like such a long time ago that we had been sailing the seas.   As I look at the snow falling out my window – EEEK – it is time to go back to our second home

Catching up with our families was great… we did a 10 day trip to what we refer to as the windy province, Alberta!  Our tour included stops in Hanna to visit with Helen (Glen’s mom) who is doing amazing and his sister Arlene and family including great niece, Tam and her daughter, Erika who is now walking and running everywhere.

Further north our stop in Morinville was action packed and fun as always.  Mom is doing well and seems a little more settled.  It was very exciting to see Aiden, our ‘great nephew’ who has grown sooo much – a real superman!

Seeing my nieces so grown up and finding their way in the world always stuns me with the passage of time.  Time with Reid and Kathy is always an adventure and we feel so welcomed and at home and sometimes amazed that they continue to put up with us for our extended stays!

And it isn’t until you are away for an extended time that you truly appreciate the larger community of families that you become a part of.

  • We were able to spend a couple of days in Calgary and did some much needed catching up with our friends and incredible godchildren….Zach, Hannah and Alyssa…. what super kids you are!

  • Our Mackenzie camp family eagerly welcomed us home and we spent time helping there.  This began on day 2 of our return with cleaning, transporting, cooking and caring for this truly beautiful place.  We have also been part of the agonizing for the camp’s future and unfortunately will miss the visioning session.  It is becoming more difficult to find volunteers for the board.   Continued summer operation of the camp is in jeopardy without the addition of board members.
  • Our church family – the amazing “little church that can”, Zion United in Armstrong, continues to chug along and do great things… last week’s counting of the pennies to heaven resulted in a total of close to $2000!!!!  The choir, the children, the congregation..we felt so welcomed and all were eager to hear our stories and bless us as we head off again….
  • The fabulous Kingfisher Community – the kitchen renos are stunning and make it such a functional and warm place… all volunteer driven.  We were also thankful to be involved in the community fundraiser for an incredible young adult in our community who is facing serious health challenges – over 220 folk came together for a heart warming lasagne dinner and auction– the support was overwhelming and truly touched everyone’s heart.
  • My dear friend, Maureen welcomed a new grandbaby – and I was so fortunate to be able to meet beautiful 2 day old Nora.  It was such a warm and loving world that I stepped into at Grammie and Grampa’s house.  Shar nestled with the precious bundle, Scott playing with a very excited big brother, Lucas; Uncle Marty making grilled cheese, Auntie Trin feeding cousin Livi – such bliss, contentment and love all around you could just feel it!

  • And finally our many local friends that we have been able to spend time with.  From a welcome home dinner the second night back (thanks to Harry & Barbea) to lunches, coffees, dinners out and more dinners surrounded by the warmth of friend’s homes… we are so blessed and thankful!

During our Caribbean travels we have witnessed stunning sunsets, sunrises, beautiful beaches and spectacular rainforests.  At home we watched the seasons change and recognized a very different kind of magnificent scenery.  Our first week home we were on the lake enjoying the sunshine and heat of an Indian Summer…. 27C and clear skies.  This lasted throughout most of September and early October…. mind you, of course leaving without experiencing snow would be wrong, so yes indeed a snowstorm on Highway 2 journeying to Calgary reminded us of all that we won’t miss.  Out and about in the forest October 4 there were one or two trees showing their colors and then all of a sudden – instant presto – they all followed suit and overnight it was full blown fall – such majesty.  The rains held off until the last run across the lake during camp clean up on the 13th and it has been rainy and cool since with leaves falling before our eyes … so yes, we are longing for sunshine and heat again.  And more importantly we are excited about reconnecting with our new ‘cruising community’ of friends in Grenada (look out Doug& Wendy, Sunny & John, Ken & Lynn, Ron, Bill & JoAnn and and and  …here we come!).  We are also eagerly anticipating friends visiting Amoray this season.


Comments on: "How Times Flies (and the snow now too)" (2)

  1. Mabel looks great in the fall! Safe travels and we can’t wait til our visit this winter! Luv R n K.

  2. Hope you guys are back in the sunny south it was great to hae you home even if it was just a short spell. You are wonderful people

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