Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Back in “Camp Grenada”

We have been back just 2 weeks and it feels like we never left… just slipped right back into the boat life.  We have had some monumental accomplishments though – Napa II gets lift off!  After 4 months in the process our new stainless arch is fully functional.  After another day at the work yard – we now have our solar panels installed, a new attachment for the BBQ and everything rigged for dinghy lifting.  Last night we had our first ‘lift off”.  This now allows us to lift the dinghy out of the water each evening which serves a number of purposes – it keeps her bottom clean, enhances security and less wear and tear on her during passages.  Our solar panels are up, the wire pulled and the solar controller installed – (just a few more wiring details and perhaps later today we will be solar powered).  The beauty of this is that it will eliminate the need to run our engines for an hour a day to keep the batteries topped up.

Napa II gets air and look above her to see our 3 new solar panels

Before leaving home we saw the seasons change with the stunning change of color…. Our first day back on Grenada the evidence of a change of season was also apparent – running on our favorite beach where we usually watch fisherman casting their nets, we now witnessed a parade of loungers and umbrellas lined up – a quick glance downtown and there it was – the first cruise ship of the season.  Other indicators included an emptied out marina; when we left in September there were a couple of empty slips and now they abound.  Each morning listening to the cruisers’ net we hear many shipWe ms bidding farewell as they began their trips onward in many directions – and so too, we are getting itchy to move on – next week for sure.

We pulled up our very nasty mooring lines – 2 months in one spot makes for a nasty mess!!  We have been anchored in the lovely Mount Hartman bay as we clean , provision and get ready to head north in a couple of days.

scrubbing the lines and prying off the barnacles – not a pretty job

Determined to make the most of the last of our time on the “Isle of Spice” we took in the Caribbean Rum festival, a hike, volleyball, the volunteer reading program, a last Hash, and a very fun filled Halloween party!  Our social calendar is filled and memories of these events will last until our return next season… until then it is back to some reading, cards, swimming, snorkelling and island hopping.

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