Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Back on the Water

Wow, a memorable farewell to Grenada.  Our last night at St.George’s anchorage was rocking and rolling with the winds and the swell so we were up early and on our way north.  Little wind so we motor sailed up the lee coast of Grenada and then we were able to set the sails so off we went.  A pod of 4 beautiful dolphins joined us and frolicked off the bow for about 15 minutes.

great sailing – check out the pictures on the wall and the gimballed stove

our flag was flying down below!

We moored at the stunning Sandy Island in Carriacou.  We had past this lovely spot on our way down island without stopping and knew this was on our “to return to list” for sure.  From the pictures below you can see why!  An incredible first day was spent with yoga on the beach, some sail bag zipper repairs, followed by an afternoon snorkel and beach walk.  It doesn’t get much better than this‼!

sail bag zipper repair

beautiful Sandy Island

We are very happy to be back at sea and moving around even with its challenges of provisioning, water conservation, lack of internet access, planned social activities and friends nearby.


Comments on: "Back on the Water" (2)

  1. Glad you were able to get out of the rough stuff, things here are same old , water heater replaced in church hall small flood. broken glass in church hall swinging door, tuned up the snow blower,help a friend move some furniture, never a dull moment.
    Enjoy the sun,surf,& light breezes.

  2. glenn we are trying to get hold of to say we will on a cruise in your area jan 9,10,11 12 if you get this message send back a reply and we will give you more details. our new address is and conjune@telus .net. hope this get through.barrie

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