Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Loving Life in the Grenadines

We spent five days on a mooring ball at beautiful Sandy Island.  It is really no more than a sand spit with pink sand and great snorkelling.  We spent our days on small boat chores, snorkelling, reading, relaxing and soaking up the beauty of the area.  One end of the beach had a spectacular display of “inukshuks” created out of the washed up pink coral.  These were works of art in nature and people had spent lots of time on some – a circle of friends, a shrine and some very creative pieces.  A friend had said that the parade had been growing over the year with more being added regularly.  Sadly late one afternoon someone took it upon themselves to knock everyone single one down…. What a shame… but I am sure the building will begin again.

A short dingy ride across the bay brings you to another super beach and “Off the Hook” restaurant…a great place to hook up with fellow cruisers in the afternoon.  Sunday afternoon the local kids came out to practice their sailing skills.  This is the base for the youth sailing program.  First step was to don the appropriate life vest – size was definitely questionable – and then off they went.  It was a great afternoon with many cruising friends from Grenada.

The plan was to check out of Grenada/Carriacou Monday morning, however, George (our autopilot) was not working AGAIN!  We headed to shore to see if there was an electronics specialist we could get to look at it.  After several hours and many phone calls we finally got through but he was currently off island and unable to help us out.  We had hoped to make it north to Bequia for a friend’s big 5-0 birthday party but had to recheck plans thinking we might sail back to Grenada to get George going again.  Back to the boat and Glen works on the wiring for a couple of hours and finds some tiny, tiny wires that had come apart….. within 20 minutes George is up and running again so we head back to shore to check out with Customs/Immigration and then head off to Union Island a short trip away as by now it is already 2:30pm.

The next morning we have a great 5 hour sail up to Bequia (a bit of a washing machine wave pattern for an hour north of Canouan Island) and drop the hook in time for happy hour with friends. So plans to make the party are back in play and we have lots of fun celebrating the big day with Sunny and friends.  We have been exploring the island and waiting for the gusts to die down before heading to St. Vincent.  It is a short sail north but through some tough currents, waves and into the wind.  Looks like Thursday things may be smoother going.  We want to check out the southern tip of the island, the Blue Lagoon.  This is close to the airport and where we plan to meet up with Reid & Kathy when they fly in on December 27.  We have also heard there are some larger stores to do some provisioning.

In the meantime… we find we love Bequia – a small island – about 7 square miles with a population of about 5000.  It is an easy island to explore and we have been going off most mornings for a run or hike and have covered most of the island.  Again, this is followed by boat chores in the am…… and then play in the afternoon – snorkelling, swimming, fishing (yes, Glen caught his first dinner – a pompano we think).  As I write this Glen is in the hidey hole yet again, looking for more errant wires as George continues to be a finicky boy.   He has one more set to try and then mentioned going ashore to see if there is an electrician on the island that might be able to help out‼!  And I must climb back into the sail bag as it appears there is another spot needing stitching!  Sew…. that’s it for now….

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Hello. I see you are back in the warmth and water again… how lovely. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, cold winter in Alberta this year. I trust all is well. I enjoy keeping up with your blogs and seeing your pictures. OH…to be in the sun and the sand…. Have a wonderful day!

    Cheers, Leanne

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