Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!


One year and it is incredible how far we have come, in so many ways,  We have grown, learned, lived and loved through it all and at the end of the day life on the sea continues to amaze us.

We have learned to slow down and live in the moment, appreciate calm seas and fair winds, yet have the strength to live in the stress and chaos of tangled anchors, fast approaching squalls, 10 foot waves and smoke in the engine.   For us this is huge… from one week charters in the Gulf Islands and never having sailed in the Caribbean to celebrating one year aboard we are proud of our exponential learning curve.  Looking back in our logbook we have travelled over 1200 nautical miles and visited 13 different countries and are currently revisiting many of them.

When we first began our journey I would look around to the obvious seafarers aboard boats and ashore who clearly stood out.  I wondered if one day we would have that confidence, swagger and wind blown look as we gathered with others and discussed the weather and boat parts?  Just shy of one year we finally found a mirror for the head that I could actually see in… scary and much to my surprise I see in my reflection we have arrived at the above description… especially me with my wild and bleached hair.  Glen continues to tax the locals explaining how to cut his hair (rather than just buzz with the razor) and he always gets his money’s worth.  Couple that with our attire….we have our regular outfits of bathing suits, sailing shirts and straw hats, our everyday shore wear of weathered shorts, wrinkled tees (often stained with grease and other boat goo) and our worn out flip-flops.  Of course, Glen has his collared red shirt for customs and I my one sundress for those ‘fancy’ cruiser get-togethers.

And on those days when the boat is rolling, the seas are high, the boat boys are much too pushy or I am missing family and friends back home we pause to celebrate:

  • Glen’s calm and assurance under fire- especially when my panic and seasickness sets in
  • Sun salutations on a deserted beach early in the morning
  • days we have hot water
  • Finding reasonably priced laundry facilities
  • Filling our water tanks as it means we can clean heads, floors, ceilings and scrub down the inside.  (We manage  to live on about 6 gallons of water a day which is a whole different concept from home)
  • Sea baths (see water consumption note above)
  • Sharing our dream with friends and family as they visit aboard Amoray
  • Days when we don’t find any mold growing anywhere (literally it grows as little spots before your eyes in this humidity)
  • Cooking Christmas dinner on a two burner stove
  • The beauty of a sunset and the magic of a rainbow
  • Calm anchorages at night (this would be anywhere between 0-5 on my new “Mayreau scale of rolling devised New Year’s Eve – with Mayreau being a 10)
  • Flying fish – I smile and am fascinated still every time I see them
  • Living in the outdoors 24/7 – falling asleep as we gaze at the stars through our hatch and awakening to the sounds of the sea and the sun streaming in the companionway
  • Canned tofu when provisions are sparse
  • Dophins playing on our bow
  • Freshly caught tuna for dinner – especially those caught during nasty sail days which is often the case
  • Long sail days when the motor runs less than an hour in total – in what feels like the middle of the ocean with only the sounds of the sea to embrace us and the sites of other little triangles in the distance (the sails of others on a similar journey)
  • The friendly and helpful West Indians everywhere we meet who so willingly welcome us to their islands
  • My ‘internet stick’ that allows me to feel connected wherever there is cell service
  • The fraternity of cruisers and their willingness to share, help or give advice
  • The majesty of God’s incredible creation that surrounds us everyday‼‼!

Comments on: "One Year and Still Floating!" (5)

  1. Wayne&Karin said:

    Hi guys, looks like you are really enjoying yourselves, wish we were there, just got a big dump of snow. I have been doing a lot of sledding and skiing. We are off to Phoenix from the 9 -26 of Feb. Take Care for now.

  2. Reid & Kathy said:

    Well, your latest blog about covers it all, just call it paradise! We were so lucky to have been able to experience soooo many of your bullets above that we can not thank you 2 enough for sharing the boat life with us. Hugs from the Great White North! ps wishing we were still there!

  3. Lorne & Deb said:

    Happy Robbie Burns Day! …since Glen is a rum man he should raise a glass of that particular spirit and Dalynn is a vegetarian so she should go out and find some “real” sheep’s stomach haggis…mmm good! We are off to Lorne’s niece’s wedding in Quebec City this Family Day long weekend so we will say hi to Bonhomme for you. OK so we will also be freezing our ass*s off too…in the ice hotel. Thinking of you guys.

  4. Great post of your fist year at sea! Now that you’ve anchored right beside us this afternoon, Lynn and I will try to help you to burn off some of that excess energy that you have. Get your Dominican hiking shoes out! Ken and Lynn on Silverheels III

  5. Robert and Georgia Baines said:

    May the winds always blow from behind and don’t forget to keep the barnacle side down.

    We appreciate your sentiments re “One Year and Still Floating”. Thanks for sharing.

    We had a great winter in AZ but are happy to be back at Mabel.

    Good wishes from Robert and Georgia

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