Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!


view of Marigot harbor as we hike the ridge



sailing to Soufriere – Reid & Kath in their happy places


the Pitons – UNESCO Heritage Sites – Petite and Gros


nothing like a mud bath – takes 10 years off apparently


Jeruslam Falls


enjoying the heat and beauty of the falls


getting ready for the hike to the top


at the summit of the Gros Piton – 2300′ in about 90 minutes


just another beautiful sunset in the Caribbean


beach fun at Rodney Bay


coconut water for the trek to the Atlantic


from atop Pigeon Island


sunburned pouty lips leaving for the cold and snow

Since leaving Dominica we spent some time in Martinique and especially loved St. Anne.  Reid & Kathy arrived March 22 in St. Lucia for a much needed escape from the wintry conditions still at home.  (Almost didn’t make it due to a wicked snowstorm, closed highways etc the afternoon of their departure.)  We had a grand time, as always, with them and did lots of island exploring with stops in Rodney Bay, Marigot and Soufriere. Sourfriere continued to get ‘rollier and rollier’ but we managed to make it three nights.  This allowed us time to explore several of the local hot springs, mud baths and hiking trails.  Kath and I made it to the top of Gros Piton (about 2300’) after a very hot climb.

With the winds, waves and swell we decided to head back to the relatively sheltered Rodney Bay for some beach time (oh, and of course, a hike to the Atlantic side).  On their last morning we even snuck in Pigeon Island before heading to the airport.

Another great time with lots of laughter, rum, sea and sand….  (the afternoon sampling at the Distillery in Marigot is best left undescribed!)


Comments on: "St. Lucia with Reid & Kathy!" (2)

  1. Reid Jackson said:

    Nice pics! Miss the weather a bunch. Apparently we are getting 10-20 cm more snow tonight and tomorrow. Yuc! The new dinghy looks marvelous. Thought of a name for her. Napa II.3. Cheers and gotta get back to work.

    PS Took mom a coffee and doughnut last weekend just before she went for lunch. Was in one of her kinda out there moods. I stopped in this morning as she wanted money to get her nails done today, guess someone comes in to Aspen House today. She was still sleeping and not even thinking about getting up. Going to stop by on the weekend or even see if she wants to come for a visit to our house, just to get out. Let you know how that goes.

    Later hugs,


  2. Lorne Fujimoto said:

    …looks terrible again! Yes, you all looked to be in your early 30’s? What happened to the boys on Gros Piton? Spring has finally arrived in Calgary so we are likewise a little giddy!

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