Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Back in Bequia!

An ugly passage from Soufrierre, St.Lucia down to Bequia the other day; wet, squally and bumpy it was nice to drop the hook (twice though) and settle in for an early night. A friend had told me about a seasickness pill to try and boy was I glad I did. It felt a little like coming home as we have had several stays on this lovely island this season. I am looking forward to cheap laundry services, snorkelling and great morning runs across the island. There are also a number of friendly faces surrounding us as many boats also begin the journey south to Grenada and Trinidad to end the sailing season. The weather is still a little unsettled, cloudy with the odd sprinkle but not enough to close the hatches for long.

We were able to buy a new laptop in St.Lucia and are on the way to rebuilding our electronic world… just a little frustrating at times when I realize, nope, don’t have that file, bookmark etc anymore. Again though we are thankful there was little damage to Amoray and that we were not on the boat. Like the weather, we are still a little unsettled and leery about leaving the boat at night…. Glen wakes often in the night (and then so do I of course) as he thinks he hears a sound and is up checking on everything. I know that, like my frustration, this too will pass.

We think we will stay in Bequia for a while and then meander our way through the other beautiful islands of the Grenadines. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 so we will start watching the weather systems carefully but generally June sees very little storm action. If all fares well our plan is to hit Grenada about the 3rd week in June and settle in. We are excited to welcome Teresa aboard in mid-July for a visit. Depending on the weather we may get in a sail up to Carriacou and if not there is certainly a lot for us to show her in Grenada.

So we will leave this as a short, photoless update and send more when the sun shines!….Hopefully tomorrow as we attempt to hike the elusive “Peggy’s Rock” that has been on our agenda all season.


Comments on: "Back in Bequia!" (2)

  1. Reid & Kathy said:

    Glad to hear you are getting things back in order. Be safe. Hugs!

  2. Leanne Dunnigan said:

    Hello … always interesting to see what is going on and where you are. Thank you so much for the birthday post card – what a lovely surprise….and, it arrived on time too. (I couldn’t manage to get one to my sister on time…oops) Can’t believe we are nearing the end of this decade. Not sure where the time all goes to. If you have any time for a drink in the summer – give me a call – would love to see you. Take care…sunny skies and calm waters.

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