Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Home in Grenada Again

With continued unsettled weather in the area we made the decision to return earlier to Grenada than initially planned…. and arrived ‘home’ June 7.  We had a great stay in Bequia, meeting new friends, hiking to new places and just hanging out between rain storms.  Amoray almost had a new 4-legged friend as a local stray seemed to adopt us for our stay in Bequia… always showing up where we were, running, hiking and hanging out on the beach with us…… a sad farewell and we hope to see “Doyle” next year.

cleaning calabash - with hopes for bowls and a light shade

cleaning calabash – with hopes for bowls and a light shade

the view from Peggy's Rock, Bequia

the view from Peggy’s Rock, Bequia

a hike to Raven Bay - Roberta and Linda with our new island  pal, Doyle

a hike to Raven Bay – Roberta and Linda with our new island pal, Doyle

We had a great sail from Bequia to one of our favourite places, Sandy Island, Carriacou.  The winds were light so no speed records set, the seas were calm, sadly only a barracuda on the fishing line and the skies were mostly grey and hazy.  This lovely island is where we started our cruising season November 15 so we felt it only fitting that we end it here.  Our last night of the season was a quiet one and then we set out for Grenada… again with light winds, calm seas but a brighter day.

As we sailed back we reminisced about the season and tried to pick out some highlights –there were sooo many it was hard to do.  Certainly Dominica ranked in the top and especially our incredible SeaCat island tour including Victoria Falls and Rivere Cirque hikes with Ken and Lynn on Silverheels III.  Time at Terre de Haut, The Saintes was another favourite and the music fest in Bequia.  Of course place doesn’t matter when we have friends aboard and visits from Reid & Kathy and Rob were a blast.

Arriving back on the island is a bit of a homecoming and we are looking forward to all the activities, people and fun to be had for this season….   hashes, volleyball, dinghy concerts and much more I am sure.


Comments on: "Home in Grenada Again" (1)

  1. Lorne Fujimoto said:

    We hope that when you return to Canada you can bring the sunny weather with you. The Calgary June monsoon season is keeping the grass nice and green. So how did you know Doyle’s name? You can’t eat Barracuda?

    Thanks again for your pictures/updates and see you soon.
    Deb& Lorne

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