Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

PA070066-1When we first moved aboard Amoray it took some getting used to to cook with (gasp) just two burners…. and with only 2 pots and 2 fry pans to choose from.  Given that the daily temperature is about 31C (without the humidex factor)….. the oven rarely (if ever) gets used.  Shortly after life aboard we expanded our cooking options with a BBQ.  This was a great addition!  Life was good and the ultimate test was whipping up Christmas dinner with all the trimmings on said limited appliances.

After our two month journey to Canada and the land of big stoves, ovens and endless kitchen gear, once more we return to the simple kitchen….except as with many things, with disuse often comes poor performance.  (My run in the heat this morning clearly illustrates this point also).  Anyway, Sunday we were down to one burner as it appears the thermocouple or other unknown piece no longer wants to do its job.  Sigh…. And then last evening as Glen was taking the veggie burgers to the BBQ it appears it too is acting up.  So from 3 cooking surfaces to one I forsee lots of salads on the menu!

And as our cruising community of friends talk of clean bottoms, mended sails, sailing season plans and the end of the “project” lists, it seems we just keep adding to our list and have a feeling that sourcing parts for cooking devices will be another challenge in itself.

So off to eat my cold cereal:)


Comments on: "3 -2 -1 …. Things keep getting simpler (or NOT)" (3)

  1. Anyone who says they have gone through their list is lying… or just hasn’t found the next job to be done!

  2. Hey Salads and cold cereal are healthy in 31 degrees, -10 you need hot stuff. Happy thanks giving, (anything we Can do to Help source parts?)

  3. Ken Goodings said:

    Stove/cooker repair
    David Benoit 457-9847 David can fix, find or fabricate any part to get you cooking again

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