Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans
John Lennon


As cruisers are known to say, “plans are written in the sand at low tide” as we know life happens. As many of you already know, life took a bit of a detour for us this fall. After a great visit home in September we returned to Amoray for lots of fun and last activities before hurricane season ended and cruisers headed north. With talks of where everyone planned to be at Christmas and New Year’s things were shaping up. We too had plans to be in Antigua or St.Martin by this time….. but not so.

I returned to Edmonton November 2 to be with mom who had taken a fall and broken her femur in 2 places. Glen remained aboard Amoray as Lorne was arriving for a visit in mid-November with plans to sail north with us.  Glen & Lorne go Lioinfish hunting

Needless to say, they had a great visit on the lovely island of Grenada instead. With mom’s continued challenges; post-surgery she suffered from a number of mini-strokes, it looked like a longer stay than anticipated. Glen arrived in Edmonton December 4, leaving +30C to the very nasty cold spell we had of -30C! A shock to the system for sure!!! So Christmas was in Morinville and Hanna, certainly a change for us. The New Year saw mom continue to make a few small gains in mobility but it was apparent she would require a greater level of care than her previous home….and so began the process.

The month of January was spent moving out and moving in and once mom was settled Glen returned to Amoray mid-month to make sure all was well aboard. I stayed an additional couple of weeks to spend time with mom. It has been a difficult, challenging and at moments, beautiful journey And despite missing some of the cruising season this is what I treasure:

• I have learned a lot about mom, me, our relationship, Glen and my family

  • celebrating 90 years with Glen’s mom

    90 years young

    90 years young

• Mom’s impish smile and outright laughter – that she made me work so hard for

• Reminiscing and sharing special moments as we looked through old albums…. and hearing new stories. Mom is currently in the converted hospital where she trained and lived in res (on the old labor and delivery ward). Stories of life in res haven’t changed as she talked of throwing water balloons off their balconies and sneaking in after curfew.

fun memories of mom and me ..just the other day

fun memories of mom and me ..just the other day

• I loved having those running, leaping hugs and exclamations of “Auntie D” from my special nephew.

Making brownies with Aiden

Making brownies with Aiden

• Evenings spent finishing wedding invitations and making decorations provided lots of laughs, love and certainly entertainment.
• Seeing Glen’s compassion and tenderness with mom and his willingness to do most anything was amazing

Glen and Mom

Glen and Mom

• Knowing someone always had my back on the home-front in Morinville – providing a phone, food, laundry service and coordinating my rescue when my little car was stuck in the snow.
• Pondering the future and what life has in store for each one of us and truly treasuring the moments and times we are blessed to experience now. Finding peace amongst the chaos.


I returned to Grenada February 3. I continue to feel pulled in two directions with a piece of my heart in Edmonton but I am certainly enjoying the sunshine and getting back to the simple life aboard.
The winds and seas continue to be unsettled and so we wait…. for a window to head north. How far we will get is unknown. We have no obligations so will see where life blows us this season.



Comments on: "We Have Not Sailed Off the Edge!" (1)

  1. We were just talking about you the other day and wondering where you were. Glad to hear you both are sailing safe and sound… You are lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with your mom those are days you can never get back and the memories will always be with you. I guess we just need to take things one day at a time… Take care Wayne and Karin

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