Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

After Rob’s departure we made a quick turn around with laundry, cleaning and provisioning and made way to Guadeloupe.

our escort leaving Antigua

our escort leaving Antigua

A brief stop in Deshaies and then back to one of our most favorite locales (and the love keeps growing), the Saintes.  North swell made the main anchorage very, I mean VERY rolly, so after checking in we picked up a ball at Ilet a Cabrit for a night.  This provided a chance to explore the ruins of Fort Josephine and panoramas from this lovely little island.  The Fort became a prison in 1851 and after hurricane damage, reopened as a quarantine station for immigrant workers in 1871.

Next stop, a beautiful little bay, Pain de Sucre, and here our anchor stayed and stayed.  Dave and Alex, friends on s/v Banyan, arrived and we had so much fun exploring and hanging out together.  We snorkelled (until the jellyfish bloom began), hiked, explored, kayaked, hiked some more, played cards, dominos and sampled fine wines – ha!  From Pain de Sucre our morning exercise became hiking Le Chameau to the old Napoleonic lookout tower at 1000’!

After running out of hiking trail access from this bay we moved to the main bay on Terre de Haut at Bourge de Saintes and continued our explorations. We then had a(nother) hiking morning to Morne Morel, Point Veu, Point Zozio and Fort Caroline.  The view of the lovely Baie De Pompierre required us to plan a beach day.

Again, we found it hard to leave, however, with a very short forecasted one day of mostly east winds we finally set sail for Dominica, or so we thought.   Halfway across the passage our jib came down.  The stitching on the strap that holds the top of the sail to the shackle gave way and down she came.  Unfortunately we had to turn into a motorboat for the rest of the way.  We had an awesome pod of dolphins accompany us for part of the trip and we settled for watching them and Banyan zoooooooom by.

Sigh, Dominica, truly the nature island.  After a couple of anchoring attempts we settled into the rolliness… a surprise as we have never experienced that here before.  Day One was AWESOME!  Not only did we find someone to repair our sail quickly, we found a fabulous hike on Segment 11 of the Waitukabuli trail.  The views stunning, the ups UP, the descents not too bad, the suspension bridge substantially built and the swimming hole at the end so refreshing!  A great day indeed!

And today, boat chores in the rain as a system blows through the whole area.  We have just picked up our repaired sail, fresh veggies from the market and a haircut for Glen.  Hopefully the system will blow itself out soon so we can continue adventuring on shore.


and thanks to Alex for sharing her pictures of our adventures too – I think I snuck a couple in 


Comments on: "Rain Delay in Dominica" (3)

  1. It looks like the hike we did, as described by Doyle…good fun! We looked long and hard (and longingly) at the same grapefruit trees and finally figured they must belong to some farmer who ekes out a living with them and some of the other crops we saw along the way. Did you see the coffee trees and / or the pig pen along the way?

    • Hey Jan! Yes, that was the hike and it was great. As it is the end of their season, the grapefruit tree only had 2 lonely ones left so we didn’t feel badly. And of my goodness, the pig pen was too funny…. we didn’t think anything of it and all of a sudden Alex turns and up pops Mr Pig…scared us for a second…boy, did he look like he needed some food and water though… not in very good shape. And today we are waiting for some of these gusts (up to 38kn this last hour – yikes) to slow down and will go and explore the Cabrits. Where are you guys now and where are you headed????

  2. Lorne Fujimoto said:

    Thanks for your continued posts…it gives me a brief period to “teleport” myself down there with you guys.

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