Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Boatyards and Other Fun

Another new first experience for us….Amoray sits high about the ground in a boatyard in Carriacou.

We were a little nervous about hauling out – not sure what to expect, all the right questions to ask, what we would find below and how long the whole process would take.  Thanks to Dave & Alex for assisting with the process and calming our nerves and Bob (s/v Chimayo) for guiding us in and corralling us onto the dock.  We had anticipated a Monday morning event but hadn’t heard anything definitive on time.  Doing some last minute tucking away of stuff topside I see Edwin zooming our way at 6:45am.  After a morning greeting he says “are you ready then?  We should get going because the tide is going out now”.  So with little time to fret, we hailed Banyan and Chimayo and got ready to roll.  The rest of the process was seamless and an odd sensation to see our girl so out of her element.  Once she was pressure washed, moved and chocked the ladder was added and up we went.

Dave & Glen quickly remove the back stays as the life moves forward

Dave & Glen quickly remove the back stays as the life moves forward

last minute instructions

last minute instructions


a good wash

out of her element

out of her element


What is really odd is that I swear I can still feel the boat moving even when she is solidly aground.  We had already decided not to stay aboard in the yard.  This was a real blessing as I could not imagine the heat, bugs and inconvenience of no heads, nor running water.  So we gathered our necessities and moved into a little suite, the “Boat House”, just down the road.


Then it was consultation time with Edwin.  There were several moments of tssking, chiseling, wiggling and grimacing that caused us to groan.  It was just like the home renovation stories you hear where one issue always reveals another.  So in brief summary:

  • Good news:  the bottom had been well looked after; Bad news: there were so many layers of bottom paint that it needed to be hand chiselled off as it would just clog the sander.  (Glen was really excited when I finally found him a chisel larger than ¾”)

really? do you know how many ‘chisels’ a 43′ boat takes to remove all the paint?


  • Good News:  the cause of the vibration we had been experiencing was identified; Bad News: rudder needed addressing
  • Bad News:  the cutlass bearing was shot; Good News: the marine engineer, Manny,  assured us a replacement could be found
  • Bad News:  no one told us Thursday was a holiday!!
  • Bad News:  no hope of getting all this work done by Friday; Good News:  new projected date to splash the following Wednesday (10days on the hard)

missing prop and rudder



finally down to the gel coat

new autopilot parts installed

new autopilot parts installed

  • Yet more bad news:  with the cutlass bearing removed, Manny starts making calls and lets us know the only one he could source was in the USA with a delivery time of 2 weeks!!!   UGH!  We spend the afternoon fretting, anticipating an extended life on the hard,  and delaying the paint timeline and just as we are leaving for a cruiser get together Manny calls one to tell us GREAT news – he has sourced the part from Horizon Charters in Grenada and it will arrive on the ferry tomorrow
  • Good News:  we meet with Edwin to reschedule our painting and determine a new timeline with a tentative splash for Friday (weather permitting); Bad News:  rain is forecasted for later today and tomorrow.

2 coats of primer and now for the first (of 3) coats of paint (like the 3/4″ chisel, notice the tiny roller!)

  • Good news:  all repairs are completed and painting is just about finished with hopes to splash Saturday morning!  Hooooooray!!!



Saturday morning downpour... you know what that means right?

Saturday morning downpour… you know what that means right?

Rain delay – too wet for final splashdown – so now we wait for Monday morning.  We have moved back aboard so we have the joy of living in the yard on the hard for the final couple of days.

It has been a long 2 weeks and Glen has worked hard whilst I have kept busy trekking back and forth, forth and back to the yard with supplies, lunch and such; provisioning by going back and forth between the veggie stands and bussing into town; drumming lessons and keeping entertained on our patio with the resident iguana.


the long road down (and up) to the yard — you can see Amoray with our ‘red sled’ on the port side


10 of the most adorable labrador puppies and mamma……if only I could sneak one home



drumming lessons with Bongo


getting the beat



on our patio with Igor who comes out for a visit everyday

our patio

our patio


only in the Caribbean


We are enjoying exploring and getting to know Carriacou and the Carriacou Marine Boatyard has been great, however, we are both looking forward to getting our home back afloat and making our way to “Camp Grenada” for the summer.



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