Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Liebster Award


Well, here we go!  This has been a long time in coming but we have finally found a moment to sit down together and get er done!

The Liebster Award is a chain letter type of blogger to blogger award.  Its intent is to help promote blogs with less than 200 followers.

The Liebster Award comes with rules… and being on island time we really don’t like rules but will try and follow them to the best of our rule-less life ability.

The rules (in condensed form), go like this:

1.  Thank our nominator

2.  Answer the given questions and publish blog

3.  Nominate others and create a list of new questions for them


1.  THANKS!  

Big thanks to Dave and Alex on sv Banyan for the nomination (and work – ha ha).  We have had so much fun island adventuring together and at the end my most favorite part is reading Alex’s witty blog and getting to relive the moments!

2.  The WORK!

(1) Where in the World are you? Alternatively, where would you like to travel to?

We are currently back in Canada visiting our mom’s , family and and friends in Alberta and prepping for our niece’s wedding, September 20th.  Our floating home, Amoray, is tucked away at Port Louis Marina, Grenada awaiting our return in early October.

(2) Describe the funniest thing you’ve witnessed in your travels to date?

While anchored off the private resort in Jumby Bay, Antigua we sent the boys in to get ice for the drinks cooler.  They were met at the beach by a security guard who escorted them to the bar.   Chatting with the bar tender he mentioned he had never had that request before and didn’t have any bags to put ice in but if we wanted to bring something he would fill it.  The boys returned to the boat, picked up our 51L igloo cooler and returned to the bar.  Much to our (and their) surprise they returned with the cooler filled to the brim!


(3) Describe your favorite cruising grounds in your travels to date?

We began our adventure in 2012 and have been exploring the Windward and Leeward Islands and LOVE these cruising grounds.  Not overly adventurous sailors seeing the next island in the distance works best for me!  Our favorite places would have to include the stunning nature island, Dominica and the quaint and cozy island of Bequia.



(4) This Sailing Lifestyle has obviously been a dream turned reality for all of us out here doing this. But if you could have another dream, another “thing” you would want to do… what would it be?

Glen:  a little thatched hut on a beach in Thailand somewhere


Dalynn:  aid work in Africa and hiking Kilimanjaro


(5) If there’s one thing you brought with you cruising, that is totally useless and you could take off your boat, what would it be? Alternatively, if there’s one thing you didn’t bring with you, and wish you had, what is it?

Since we bought our boat in the BVI’s we had to bring everything with us by plane so there was little room for extras or items we ‘thought’ we might be able to use.  That being said, we have been taking home a number of reference books lately that have not been opened much.


(6) In this world of So Many Blog’s, have you followed a Blogger and not yet met them? Who would you most like to meet?

We were (and still are) very new to the blogging world.  We had no idea of the extent of cruising blogs out there before we began our journey.  Our blog was created for the purpose of letting immediate friends and family know where we were and what we had been up to.  It wasn’t until we started meeting other cruisers and learned of their blogs that we began to realize the magnitude of blogs out there.  As such the blogs that we follow are those of friends we have met or those that friends may share or suggest to us.  One that keeps cropping up would have to be Paul and Sheryl on sv Distant Shores.  We would love to meet them in person!


(7) What time of day do you enjoy the most and why?

D:  Sunset, no question!  This is definitely the best time of day.  Watching nature’s spectacular colors and display, reflecting on the day and pausing to feel grateful and blessed to be able to be living our dream adventure!  No matter how many times you see the show, it creates such a sense of peace and wonder.

G:  Morning coffee in the cockpit – the quiet and calm before the day begins.


(8) When we set sail, and told our friends and family of our plans, we received some pretty incredible (and also incredulous) responses. Have you? Describe the one that impressed/shocked you the most?

Our families and friends were all incredibly supportive as they have become accustomed to our wanderlust and adventuresome natures.


(9) With this travelling lifestyle we get exposed to wide variety of cuisines. Do you enjoy trying, eating, cooking with “local” foods, and if so, what is your favourite so far? Share your recipe ??

We LOVE trying out the fabulous array of fresh veggies and fruits that these tropical islands have to offer.  And our favorite treat would have to be Rotis and Doubles!  Messy, gooey but utterly delicious.  I have not tried doubles but have made some rather chewy roti skins with whole wheat flour that I don’t think anyone would want the recipe for!  As for the innards….. our favorite are veggie rotis with pumpkin, potatoes, peppers, carrots, chickpeas, chopped callaloo all sauteed with garlic and onions and then mix in a little plain yogurt that I have mixed with lots of curry and a little lemon juice.


(10) If asked to give a random piece of advice about this lifestyle to anyone, what would it be?

D:  Don’t rush!  There is always time to chat with locals, stray off the beaten path, explore an unknown island, bay or town!

G:  Never put all of your faith in the weather forecast!  If wind and wave predictions are even close we celebrate!



Some of these nominations are same as those from sv Banayn but as we have not seen responses from them we figure a second nomination will now provide options!  SO;

Ken & Lynn, sv Silverheels III

Lann & Stan, sv Barefoot Life

Diana & Gil, sv Serenada

Chris & Linda, sv Troubador


1.  When and where did you learn to sail and what have you learned about sailing on this part of your adventure?

2.  Is this a forever dream or how long do you plan on sailing for?

3.  What specific item do you miss the most from life on land?

4.  Why did you decide on the boat you are currently sailing?

5.  Which island(s) are on your “must visit” list for this year?

6.  What was your most challenging sail and why?

7.  What’s in a name?  How did your boat get hers?

8.  Land based activities keep us busy on every island.  What has been your favorite land adventure?

9.  What is your most memorable story about anchoring or being at anchor?

10.  If you have had family or friends visit, what was their greatest understanding, appreciation or reaction to living this type of lifestyle?

BONUS!  11.  If you could do it all again, would you?  what would you do differently?



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  1. Hint taken!

  2. Lorne Fujimoto said:

    …and here I thought that thousands, if not millions, of people were reading my replies to you guys!

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