Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

31 days have flown by ….  and with angst in my heart and tears in my eyes we prepare to bid farewell to our lives in Canada for another year.  It has all been a bit of a blur with only 11 of these days spent at our home in the Okanagan.  Little time to really reconnect with friends or feel grounded in our piece of dirt; that being said our family time in Alberta was fabulous.  Our niece’s wedding was spectacular and all they had dreamed about.   We feel blessed to have been a part and to share this time with our family.   Time with our moms was special and it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye.  I am still having a hard time getting excited about returning to the sea and these last few days have been challenging emotionally.  On the bright side we are certainly looking forward to reconnecting with our cruising friends.  I love the life we are living and am so grateful that we have made this dream a reality but sometimes the costs feel a little too high.   And as I have been doing some soul searching and (re)reading some of my books for inspiration I have found a few words of wisdom.

“Wanderlust is deep…I have a compulsion to wander and a compulsion to return.” (Bruce Chatwin)

This is my accepted reality… it just makes the transition between our two worlds extremely challenging!

During our time in Alberta when encountering new folks the question is always asked,  “where is home?”… I feel torn when answering.. is home our cabin in the woods in the Okanagan? is home the love and comfort of family who welcome us unconditionally (and often) in Morinville?  Is home Amoray, rocking gently in the Caribbean waters?  I was relieved when I read this quote from Meredith Moraine,

“And this is what the traveler discovers:  In this great and endlessly fascinating world of ours, everywhere can be home.”

So my new reply when asked this question will now be, “everywhere”.

And as I clean house, empty cupboards and help shut down our Okanagan abode, I reflect on lessons that have brought me to this journey of mine and I continue to be grateful and feel blessed with the love of family that has led me here.

Life’s Lessons Learned from Mom and Dad

You taught me to walk, which led me to wander

You taught me to talk; I learned to cherish the universal signs of communication in many languages

You introduced me to the excitement of travel and exploring new places; I have become a student of the world

You taught me to eat and savor fine dining; which led me to relish fresh produce, simple meals and meal prep with two pots

You introduced me to the joys of bubble baths; I learned to enjoy sea baths and living on five gallons of water a day

You taught me the importance of education; and I long to enfold new cultures, experiences and places

You taught me how to use a camera; I yearn for new vistas to capture

You taught me how to vacuum and change a tire; I learned how to tile floors, hoist and repair sails

You showed me ways to make life simpler with the handiest of inventions; I have learned how to live with a simple tool kit and no electrical appliances

You taught me love of family; I have learned how to share that love and embrace the world.

And so, as we sit in the first of many airports over the next 2 days we are ready to shift gears, reconnect, get warm and prepare for new life lessons to learn this season.


Comments on: "Family, Friends & Farewells … and the Pitfalls of A Nomadic Life" (2)

  1. Wayne .Caswell said:

    So sorry to have missed you, as I am sure you know we are still in Calgary playing the waiting game with dr’s appointments. This is the year to get Wayne well so we will be patient and hopefully it all will come together. Take care you two maybe some day we will make it down there!

  2. Best wishes. Safe Seas. Enjoy Life to it’s fullest

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