Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Back in Sailing Mode



After a prolonged wet and howl-y wait in Grenada for repairs to our chart plotter, during which time it might be said that I was one walking“cranky pants, we finally set sail north.  With fears of not making Antigua by Christmas I was getting a tad anxious and nervously watching the weather so as not to be ‘shut in’ somewhere south of somewhere…..  Glen in his typical relaxed manor listened to my whines and complaints and assured me it would be ‘just fine’.   And beyond “just fine” it is.

We absolutely adore Grenada with the activities and fun of the season but it is sure great to be back on the move.  Some absolutely fabulous sailing days , the best ever in our Amoray logbook,  have made this journey north so sweet.  With dolphin escorts re-established, fish on the hook and clear waters nothing beats this lifestyle.  As we finish up our third year of life afloat (since January 2012) it is thrilling to pull into a bay, drop the hook and see many recognizable boats and hear friends hailing on the radio.  We are blessed to be part of this amazing community.  I am much more relaxed, more confident in our (and Amoray’s) sailing abilities and more appreciative of everything.  I find myself forgetting my camera more (hence few photos with this entry) and living in the moment enjoying each second of our incredible journey.

And so with brief stops for provisioning in St. Lucia, Martinique and then a picturesque few celebratory days in the Saintes with incredible friends, we are waiting for the winds to return as we prep for our last hop to Antigua for Christmas celebrations.

several dolphin sightings!

several dolphin sightings!


fresh dinner!

fresh dinner!

rainbow(s) over Mt Pele

rainbow(s) over Mt Pele

Nahanni River passes us by on a great sail from St.Pierre to the Saintes

Nahanni River passes us by on a great sail from St.Pierre to the Saintes

beach day in the Saintes

beach day in the Saintes

PC074076-1 PC074093-1


Comments on: "Back in Sailing Mode" (2)

  1. Reid & Kathy said:

    As usual everything looks amazing. I can not wait to arrive and enjoy. FYI, We may cancel our return flight!

  2. We are very happy for you. We still miss you guys  very much.Merry Christmas. Pat Hudson

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