Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Life in the Virgin Islands


We have covered a lot of territory since our last visit to the BVI’s.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Leeward and Windward Islands over the past three years but have been looking forward to time in the BVI and USVI’s once more.  During our first visit we were still quite overwhelmed with all the new facets of boat life that I don’t think we had a chance to really investigate and appreciate all they have to offer..  These islands truly are a different experience than the more laid back islands in the southern chain,  however, they are incredibly spectacular in different ways.

More commercial, more developed and definitely more crazy busy—- on our sail the other day we counted 52 boats within range… quite mind boggling actually!!!!

That being said, you can see why….the islands are so close it easy to get from one remarkable anchorage to the next in time for activities and happy hour ashore.  Clear waters, great snorkeling and hikes all lend to busy days.

We loved exploring the North Sound of Virgin Gorda.  Certainly a lot of money and investment here is geared to the ‘charter boat community’.  In the islands south it was easy to pick out the ‘cruise ship’ vacationers ashore, and similarly the ‘cruisers’ definitely stand out from those on charter for a week – we are much more wind blown and casually attired.


We made a brief stop in Nanny Cay, Tortola where we have met with our broker…..



so yes, we are putting the good ship, Amoray, up for sale.  We have loved this adventure and are looking forward to the next…. not sure what and not worrying about when it will happen.  We recognize in the current economy it will take time to find the right new owners for our special home afloat so we have decided to start the process.  When we began this adventure we had said it was a 1-5 year plan…. and we are now into year 4.   Glen will be quite happy if at the end of May we are heading south for another season at Camp Grenada… only time will tell.  And so, with Amoray listed we will spend the rest of this cruising season in and about the US and BVI’s where we are within a day sail of returning to Tortola for a showing if needed.   AND we are eagerly awaiting Reid & Kathy’s next excellent adventure over spring break.

We are currently on the lovely island of Culebra, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands.  Certainly  a little more off the beaten path and definitely more laid back and what we have been accustomed to.  We have had lots of fun with good friends as we explore the beaches and highlights of the island.


We may even make a ferry run over to Puerto Rico for a day (at the cost of $2.25)!!



Comments on: "Life in the Virgin Islands" (3)

  1. You write a good blog, I’m looking fwd to the VIs. Sad about Amoray and whilst we wish you luck, we also hope you’ll be at Camp Grenada one more season! Love, S xx

  2. Leanne Dunnigan said:

    Wow … 4 years – hard to believe. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and keeping up with you and Glen. Good luck with the sale, hope all goes smoothly. HI to family. Cheers! Leanne

    • Hey Leanne! Great to hear from you…hope all is well in your world and that spring is perhaps in the air? It will probably take a while to sell our special girl, Amoray so there is still time for a visit!

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