Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Oh my, my!  So. Much. Fun!  Looking back it is hard to put into words the fun that was had aboard Amoray with Reid & Kath’s last visit.  The day we laughed so hard we cried and our cheeks ached, or when we sang ourselves silly, Kathy tackling the bubbly pool, Reid falling out of the dinghy….where to begin?  I will only try to encapsulate some of the great memories in a photo journal of a few poignant comments.

After a lengthy (and impatient) wait, and a host of “Griswold-like” plane stories, Reid, Kathy and their luggage arrived safely at 10:30pm.  A taxi to the dinghy dock, school’s out, let the party start.  Not sure when Glen called it quits but at 3am the rest of us decided it was time to turn in.

An ugly beat to the lovely Maho Bay the first day where we excitedly met up with Kool Kat and Slow Waltz….and funny enough we hadn’t seen them since the day after Reid  Kathy left Antigua at New Year’s.  So the reunion involved plenty of stories and laughter.


Fun and games.... especially for Glen!

Fun and games…. especially for Glen!

lovely Maho Bay

lovely Maho Bay

Off to Soper’s Hole (actions and song required here),

Soper's Hole!

Soper’s Hole!

Tortola for a delicious breakfast and check in at customs and then off to Norman Island.  Of course we were able to get a snorkel at the Caves and Reid & I dove the Indians the next morning.  This was a monumental event for me as it was the FIRST time we were able to dive right off the back of Amoray.  Fantastic sea life and blissful to swim back and surface at the boat!   Antics at Willy T’s were a must for happy hour, followed by Reid’s expensive antics getting back aboard.


mimosa (or 2)  anyone?

mimosa (or 2) anyone?





Happy Hour

Happy Hour

a swim perhaps?  wait where is your phone?

a swim perhaps? wait where is your phone?

splash down!

splash down!

bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Next up was a stop at Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda for a walk about at the Baths and a little provisioning.








Two days in the North Sound were action packed and full of fun.  We swam, hiked, “happy-houred” and enjoyed the beautiful surrounds.


Kath tries her hand 'rassling' a tarpon

Kath tries her hand ‘rassling’ a tarpon

painkiller please

painkiller please


a lonley, lost flamingo

a lonley, lost flamingo


the stunning Bitter End

the stunning Bitter End

a view from above

a view from above

morning hike

morning hike

getting readu for Happy Arrrr!

getting readu for Happy Arrrr!

conch blowing contest

conch blowing contest



fun. fun, fun

fun. fun, fun


A beautiful sail to the unplanned itinerary stop at Cane Garden Bay for Reid.





just as Jimmy sings about!



Arundel Rum tasting!


A morning sail before breakfast to Jost Van Dyke and a foray to the Bubbly Pool before heading to check out at Great Harbor and then on to Caneel Bay.  This was certainly a busy day.   We checked in, then walked about town and met up with Notre Vie, Scherzo and Banyan for a happy hour stop before dinner.


the bubbly pool!

the bubbly pool!




the long ride ashore to Cruz Bay

the long ride ashore to Cruz Bay


Finally a last sail back to Charlotte Amalie for last minute shopping and toasting to the end of another excellent adventure!


If this sounds like enough fun for you….come join us! Amoray has not found new owners yet, so we are starting our journey south to Grenada at the beginning of May, after a Rob’s visit.



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  1. Reid n Kathy said:

    That about covers it! Well, most of it! Miss it already and can’t wait to sail again.

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