Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Our last update was as we were prepping to head to Martinique.  St. Pierre provided another opportunity to enjoy the French lifestyle with baguettes, cheeses and delicious fresh produce.  A daily trip to the market (that’s Amoray in the background) means meals can’t get much fresher.

A (1)


the local market
A (3)



delicious red bananasA (2)

We also slipped in a few great outings with Kool Kat and Slow Waltz.  Hike one had us wandering out of town attempting to follow a questionable map and vague directions.  Despite mixed messages from locals, Guillaume’s great navigating had us up, down, around but finally finding the trail head.  From here it was nerve wracking but lovely walk along the 18” edge of the canal.  With sheer drop offs to the right it provided a few heart stopping, pulse pounding moments for me.   A much earned beer ended this section of our adventure….. next up… how to get back to the town.  We had secretly been hoping for a bus or taxi but this was not to be had.  So, after stopping many locals for advice…. we determined our choices were…..go back the long way we came or continue forward up, up, up, up.  We opted for the latter and started off, with hopes of hitching a ride.  In the next little village we found a willing local to load us up but Guillaume and Mal chose to continue on and finish it off!

A (4)

A (5)


cool totems along the highwayA (6)

A (7)


which way to go?

A (8)UPHILL is always the answer

A (9)


A (11)


the 18″ walkway……  don’t look to the right!A (10)

A (12)

A (13)

a refreshing brew at the end
A (14)

with a new friend


Hike Two, was unfortunately planned for a Sunday.  Little did we know that NOTHING happens on a Sunday; no buses, no taxis, no means of transport.  Our plans quickly changed and we just started  wandering.  .  This time Guillame tries for a ride …this the 4th or so abandoned car… we envision stories of a mass murderer or car thieves…. We have a lovely outing and the clouds finally part to provide an unobstructed view of Mt Pele


A (17)


A (18)

a happy hour celebration… with Kool Kat and Slow Waltz

At this point we find out we have to high tail it and get back to Grenada.  We have word that we have an interested buyer who would like to have a survey done in Grenada and the only surveyor is leaving the island at the end of the month.  We have some great, fast sails and the most incredible dolphin experience.  With overnight stops in St. Lucia, Bequia, Carriacou we arrive “home” to Grenada.

b (3) b (2) b (1)

c (1)

c (3)


another boisterous sail through the Bequia Blast

The whirlwind continues regarding the sale as the buyer continues to struggle to secure financing so even at this point we are still unsure whether we will continue on another season or be boatless as early as July 24th.

Meanwhile we have settled into the fabulous life and cruising community that Grenada offers.  Hashes, hikes, yoga, volleyball, connecting with old friends and new and of course, boat chores fill our days.


birthday celebrations for Ron


a local cruiser performs at Secret Harbor


crazy Ester & Omega’s cooking class


stormy days in Mount Hartman


a short haul out for the survey


Comments on: "Another Month (and a half) Fly By" (3)

  1. Reid n Kathy said:

    Looks awesome as usual. Miss it lots and very jealous yet once again!

  2. Great times and love the dolphin photos – amazing!

  3. Man you guys live fast,wild ,and interesting lives way too much for us old folks, Marilyn finds the Mable Lake road and the boat trip across the river excitement enough, Understand you my be home in August for a visit?

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