Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

We are getting anxious to be on the move again!  “Land Sailors” – different yet the same we think.  When we started reminiscing about this mode of travel we realized that yes we do have some history in this area.

First it was the “Shaggin Wagon”.  This masterpiece 1977 Ford Econoline van lovely decorated and crafted by Glen was in its time a happening place.  The shag carpeting covering EVERYTHING was certainly indicative of that era.  It provided a great party central for numerous outings and gatherings.  And it was a great mode of transport on several summer dive and bike holidays exploring the Gulf and San Juan Islands.


Then there was a tiny tent, a tiny car and lots of other trains and ferries as we camped our way through France, Italy, Spain and Greece…..  no more air mattresses … pluzease!



Next was the big diesel “beast” we rented on our journey in New Zealand.  With Deb and Lorne we navigated, adventured and slept our way through the South Island. A fabulous time!


Exploring the South Island, New Zealand with Deb & Lorne and “da Beast”

Roo, a vintage, lovingly restored 1972 VW Combi Van that we purchased in Sydney was our home as we toured the Australian east coast.  This beauty even came complete with the fuzzy dice.  We loved our little camper van and had a blast touring from Canberra to Caines.   And at the end of our trip, we sold this to a bloke from Victoria, BC!


L-O-V-E-D the ‘original’ Roo, down under

South Africa saw us climb aboard a converted concrete mixer for a 3 week overland tour from Cape Town to Zimbabwe.  What an adventure that was, tenting in the Game Parks and travelling with a wild and crazy group of 15 Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, Americans and us, the Canadian reps. An amazing ‘discovery channel” voyage!


Yes, that is Glen hanging out the window, Swaziland

And so this brings us now to Big Roo!  For the past year we have been talking about a “conversion van”, small, compact, providing most essentials yet better mileage and mobility within big cities.  We even considered a very small, light weight trailer.  And then we started the actual looking – that is standing, sitting, lying and driving in them.   I guess we have become a little less rustic and hardy since our early years.  The idea of having to “make my bed” EVERY night for a year and having no loo or shower capability and some of these options soon lost their lustre.  Not to mention the bang for the buck – the small conversion vans, with less amenities, are actually higher in price.  And so, we have ended up with a 24’ Class C RV!  Go figure!  And at first it seemed really BIG!  As I look around though and compare it to life aboard Amoray I realize life will be a bit condensed  – yet cozy.  I am sure we will adjust.

c (3)

Our beloved Amoray – we miss her and our Caribbean dreams… seems ages ago – and yet it has only been 8 months since we regained our land legs.


Next Adventuring – we get ready to roll……

For the first while we kept referring to our new home as Big Roo and then it evolved into Big, then Roo 2 and finally found its way back to Roo!  So Roo is getting kitted out and we are excited for a ‘shakedown cruise’ this weekend before hopping off to explore Great Canadian landscapes…starting with Alberta next week!   Stay tuned as we will try to keep this blog up-to-date (mostly) so friends and family can come along with us.

a plan

a very rough plan for the year



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  1. GREAT JOB!  Very interesting read loved itPat Hudson

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