Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Our First Sleepover!

Well, finally we were able to sneak in a trial run!  We will confess … it was to a Provincial Campground about 10 minutes down the road but we did it… (sort of) and loved it.  Our cozy little travelling home is just perfect and we are now really excited about hitting the road for real.

We got level, settled in, went for a hike, celebrated , had a rip roaring fire and enjoyed the peace and quiet and the time to just be.  Our lives have been very chaotic and hectic lately so this chance to breathe in the fresh air with no lists to tend to and stuff to do we were able to anticipate our adventure.

Roo proved to be efficient and comfy (even in the chill of the morning).  Prepared to spend another day of relaxing our plans were soon dashed…. like living on Amoray (boat repair in exotic locations), we discovered yet another similarity as the fridge decided to stop working.


With little time before heading off we decided we best get home, make calls and see what needed to be done so we were still ready for next week’s departure….. and so, to our rescue ….


and up on the roof there arose such a clatter…. who is that guy that is going to see what’s the matter?

After unloading another truck load of lumber at camp up the hill came the super repairman, Pat.  After a few tweaks and great lessons for Glen, the fridge was back to humming as it should be.  Pat even did another repair on our “to do” list.  And another chance to visit with Marilyn, Randy and my buddies Tango and Emma, was an added bonus.  We will miss them all greatly!  Tango has decided that Roo could easily be his second home…..  now if only I can hide him from Glen as we drive away!


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