Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Things we have learned about Life on the Road

  • Chartplotter, autopilot,  I mean the GPS lies at times “recalculating” and others I swear I hear “I told you so” followed by a sinister laugh
  • The best camping spots are NOT always on the waterfront – as this is also the breeding grounds for the millions of fish flies and mosquitos eagerly awaiting fresh blood
  • Camping off season is the best – first choice spots (see above) and lots of peace, quiet and serenity in the park
  • Moose Jaw does live up to its slogan as the “friendliest city”
  • Saskatchewan has the WORST. ROADS.EVER!
  • It IS possible to manoeuver a 24’ beast through downtowns and SuperStore parking lots
  • Seeing the family chaos of camping with kids brings a smile and lots of fond memories…. Well mostly fond… except when my brothers tried to trap me in a drain pipe with a skunk in Radium.
  • Costco ALWAYS has the best price on gas!
  • Heading east in the spring means following the fluff – and for allergies this is not a good thing!
  • Sleeping near the outside wall is a great thing in the heat… not so much in the snow and cold! (thanks Arlene for the extra blankie!)
  • Thank goodness for propane heaters (see above)
  • No matter when and how we travel we still miss family and friends of home. Updates, emails and texts are always a most welcome occurrence.
  • We have relearned that a simple life is a good life – who needs all those pots, pans and endless accessories we were quickly getting used to again at our home base. (But I do love my new Magic Bullet – thanks Kels & Brandon)
  • Laundromats are still a monotonous way to spend a few hours
  • There is nothing as mesmerizing as a campfire in the woods
  • Technology is amazing… as new “smart phone” users we finally joined the millennium and wow, being able to text, call, research on the go is amazing – Gas Buddy is the best
  • Big Rig truckers are truly maniacs
  • Differences between marinas and campgrounds – you usually don’t pay extra for water at a campground but you sometimes have to pay for a shower!
  • Exploring the back roads is much better than the Trans Canada!
  • Always smile and ask stupid questions…. People get a good laugh and are more than willing to help out
  • Mountain bikes are fantastic modes of transportation for campgrounds, trails and city tours
  • And most importantly…. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING makes the experience more incredible than sharing it with friends. Camping with friends absolutely quadruples the fun factor!!!!!!  What a ride.. We had the best time ever catching up with Dave and Alex (s/v Bnayan) and their new wheels….so many laughs and adventures, km and sand!


    Lots of love and laughter as cruisers reunite on land


Comments on: "One Month, 4 Provinces and 3000km!" (1)

  1. Hey have  fun say didn’t anyone tell you  Canada has Bugs!! But Ontario has the most and the biggest selection of ones that seem to come through the screens in the trailer. Quebec City has some of the narrowest streets, and the GPS will guide you to them. (be careful) Pat Hudson

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