Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Farewell to Saskatchewan

Regina was a short detour as the ‘famed’ Wascana Park area was a bit of a letdown with the Legislature buildings covered in scaffolding, parking challenging and unfriendly folk.  A stop at “Regina tourism” where they were unable to provide even a city map (the City stopped printing these a few years ago we were told) certainly did little to sell us on a lengthy stay in the area.  We gave it an afternoon with tours of the Government House and the RCMP Heritage building and then set sail for Moose Mountain Provincial Park .  This gorgeous little resort area has lots to offer if only the weather and water temps were warmer.


At the RCMP Depot, I take part in the musical ride!

Hello Manitoba

As mentioned on facebook the biggest highlight here was the reunion with Banyan at Spruce Woods.  This was a fantastic park with great trails and sand for adventuring and enjoying the campground life – with gorgeous weather thrown in.


Alex and I just walk…Glen and Dave insist on constantly checking the map!

A stop in the capital, Winnipeg, proved to be delightful.  The Legislature Buildings, Assiniboine Park, the mind boggling Canadian Human Rights Museum, the historical St Boniface area, the waterfront complex at `The Forks`(the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers) and the Royal Canadian Mint were all great explorations.


This museum left us speechless. It is an architectural wonder and the contents certainly make you reflect, wonder, ponder and hope for the future.


Historic St Boniface area, Winnipeg we visit the tomb of Louis Riel


The gorgeous grounds and spectacle of the Legislature buildings, complete with the Golden Boy atop who has a storied past.

Out and About in Ontario

Wow, was our first impression of Ontario…. this “Lake of the Woods” country was misinterpreted when named, it was meant to be called Lake of the Islands!  We were in awe with every turn and twist of the road…more lakes, no…more islands…repeat, repeat, repeat!

Quetico was our first Ontario Provincial Park.  Deserted at this time of year, yet quite pricey, we spent a bit of time biking and hiking and enjoying the crisp air!

Thunder Bay was to be our first sight of Lake Superior but we could barely see beyond the breakwater.  A lovely walk about the waterfront though brought back lots of nostalgia as we peeked at the sailboats in the marina   Fort William Historical Park proved to be a great lesson in early Canadian fur trading history.  Finally, we had to make a stop to the Terry Fox monument as we headed out of town to have a `crazy`experience at our first `Flying J`rest stop.  Quite the night with our new BFF Ivanahvar, a truck driver, who came knocking with his arms full of treats and wouldn`t leave!


the misty waters in Thunder Bay

We awoke with foggy heads and gloomy skies so we decided to make it a road day and made the jump to the cutest little town of Wawa!

And then we hit “Gitchie Goomie”, Lake Superior, and Superior it is… feels like being on the ocean it so massive.  Peering on the endless horizon of blue it appears to never end.  At the Provincial Park we enjoyed beach combing, wandering, biking, hiking, and watching the evening fires.  Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake, the deepest of the Great Lakes and the coldest of the lakes….And we saw her in many colors and moods – the cool, misty morning, the afternoon pea soup fog and the glory of blue on a sun-shiney day.


a local artist goes wild with a take on the aboriginal name for Lake Superior, these colorful little `Gitchie Goomies`were everywhere


Lake Superior…somewhere


and there she is!


oops glad we had that day to actually see the majesty


a long, brutal bike and hike `following the blue man signs`. After several portages we opted to simply hike and scramble..never finding our way back in after the last bay (the blue man must have gone swimming)



evening fires to keep off the chill and add inspiration


and so the next day we drove to the other end of the trail to make our way to see these incredible pictographs…imagine their history- wow

Sault Saint Marie provided adventures for a couple of days.  We have made it a habit to check out the local microbreweries, so our first rainy day this is where we were.  The sun shone for the morning of our second day so we were able to explore the historical Canadian canal locks.  Sadly, our fridge was too full of fruit and veggies to cross the border to do a Soo Locks tour.  The waterfront with the Roberta Bondar Pavillion, fresh market and interesting historical highlights took up most of the day.  And then a chance meeting in the parking lot of the Bushplane Museum we came across two other travelling couples form BC (Comox and Chilliwack).  It was so much fun as together we hunted out and toured the last of the microbreweries in the Soo.  We hope to cross paths with these fun folks again along the way east.


the Soo Locks tour (from the US side)…. waiting for the water level to adjust the 20 feet needed…

Manatoulin Island – the largest freshwater island is a unique, little gem.  We checked off the famous `Cup and Saucer` hike in the morning and then headed to the next of our Great Lake sites, Lake Huron.  And as we enjoy our sundowners, we have a lovely view of the beach and lake.  Before heading òff island` our plans include another hike, bike, waterfall and pow wow.
A quick stop in Sudbury to see the big nickel and tour the mines and then lookout Doug and Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are soooooooooooooo excited to be so close to a fantastic reunion with the new CLODS from Nahanni River…..


the historic swing bridge brings us to Manatoulin Island


the Adventure Trail on the Cup and Saucer Hike


at Providence Bay, Lake Huron


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