Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Many More Miles Covered

Since our last update we have covered a lot of territory – about 1800 km (with an additional side trip of 3000km to Newfoundland by air for me).

Despite it all, we are still motoring along, finding great little spots, seeing lots of “must see” sites, navigating crazy big cities and having fun.

So be warned this is a big post!!!!

We made a brief stop in Sudbury to take in the “Dynamic Earth” attraction. This provided an interesting and informative look at the history of mining in the area. The weather was miserable so my dreams of the 54 Mini-Golf paradise just didn’t happen! Instead we found a local brewery crafting the most amazing beer concoctions – one with a chai tea blend, one with a mix of habanero and assorted peppers, another with a port mix and finally a beer aged in a red wine cask. What a profusion and blend of flavors to sample. Who would have thought that beer drinking could turn into such an art?

the Big Nickel - Sudbury!

the Big Nickel – Sudbury!

Yummy beer concotions at the Stack Brewery

Yummy beer concoctions at the Stack Brewery

And FINALLY, the long awaited reunion with Doug and Wendy, new CLODS (cruisers living on dirt), formally of s/v Nahanni River. What a great time catching up in person and making new memories. They were the ultimate hosts and we played, explored and were encompassed by their friends and family. Such a great time… and a real home away from home with big beds, showers and a washing machine too!!!! Oh yes, we did manage to fit in some touristy explorations of Ottawa too despite the miserable weather!! Parliament, Aviation Museum, the Mint, Market (including a beaver tail), Rideau Canal, a sinkhole, an incredible night of fun with Doug and Wendy’s Navan clan, the RCMP riding stables and finally we were off…..

a very cool, but super reunion!

a very cool, but super reunion!


fun and games? yes, I think charades must have been involved!

"Ya, Ya Sisterhood" i swear!

“Ya, Ya Sisterhood” i swear!

D &W's super delicious and incredible appy!

D &W’s super delicious and incredible appie!

8 (2)

parliament…we finally make it….and stayed for an entertaining question period

8 (3)

8 (4)

the library! stunning

hmmm...another photo awaiting a caption...the capital mint now!

hmmm…another photo awaiting a caption…at the capital mint this time!

this giant spider is OK I guess

this giant spider is OK I guess

a Beaver Tail!!!!!

a Beaver Tail!!!!!  yummmmm

A side trip to the amazing 1000 Islands and Gananoque – truly spectacular. Our planned hook up again in Lancaster the following weekend took a bit of a detour as we headed back to Ottawa so I could fly to Newfoundland

a 2 1/2 hr cruise amongst just some of the 1875 islands on the St Lawrence River

a 2 1/2 hr cruise amongst just some of the 1875 islands on the St Lawrence River

9 (3)\ 9 (4)

9 (5)

9 (6)

Bodlt Castle – a true love story

A beautiful life ended much too soon. And so I travelled to Cornerbrook, Nfld for support and to help celebrate the life of an incredible woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and so much more. As I witnessed the love of her extended family and friends I truly regretted not knowing Mo on a closer level. I heard amazing stories of her strength, spirit and love. She will be missed deeply, but always loved and cherished as she lives on in the hearts and memories of so many.

10 (1)-1

one of Mo’s favorite things to do… we go and collect some more rocks for her many garden beds


Mo and her cherished son, Robbie…also gone much too soon!


we find an iceberg in a nearby bay….gobsmacked!


and we hauled a piece in so we could say we touched an iceberg

Once I returned we made a last stop in Ontario at Cornwall where we spent the day biking the spectacular waterfront.  We bid farewell to Ontario and made way to the land of the French, Quebec.

Glen’s stupendous driving skills saw us navigating crazy bridges, thoroughfares, downtown and more in Montreal. 32C greeted us as we wandered through the old town…. Hadn’t seen this heat in a long time… a rather sleepless night in the motionless air of a Walmart parking lot. And so by 6am (to beat rush hour traffic) we were making coffee in the parking lot of the St Joseph’s Oratory. Crazy bike riding in Mont Royal park and THEN crazy driving on the islands of Ile Helen and Notre Dame!!! OMG…even drove Roo on part of the Grand Prix track…too funny!

12 (3)

12 (2)

inside the Notre Dame Basilica


12 (5)

gardens at Chateau Ramezay

12 (4)

on the waterfront in old Montreal


12 (1)

the Biosphere on Ille Helene

12 (9)

history of Expo 67 abound on the surrounding islands of Helene and Notre Dame

12 (10)

view from the Oratory of St Joseph

12 (11)

the most spectacular Stations of the Cross on the grounds of St Joseph

13 (1)

we even wandered a bit through the maze of the underground city of shops and cafes…so futuristic and much cooler

13 (2)

we figured out the metro


a well deserved beer at the end of a long touring day

15 (1)

through downtown and we are through Montreal on the big bridge

15 (2)

navigating our way on the little islands of St. Helene and Notre Dame…dodging workers as they prep for the Grand Prix race this coming week we end up over a small bridge and a road on part of the race track. Fancy negotiating and we finally make it to the casino parking lot! Whew

Glad to see the end of the crazy roads we spend a lovely night in the city of “Victoriaville” but couldn’t find the big hockey stick.
Two very full days exploring the splendor of old Quebec City and we still have a list to see upon our return here. The big “Quebec Fete” is tomorrow and no room at the Inn (KOA) so we will move up north towards the Gaspe Bay.

20 (1)

Chateau Frontenac (a sister hotel to Banff Springs)

20 (2)

we leave Roo at Levis and take the short ferry ride to old Quebec City

20 (4)

a picnic on the Plains of Abraham

20 (5)

through the gates of the walled city


twisty, narrow streets… up and down

     20 (3)      20 (6) 


wow, now THAT is a mural


lovely gardens, fountains, monuments


Quebec City…. our twisty paths will somehow bring us back


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