Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

As we continue to journey across Canada our awe and amazement increases.  What a magnificent and majestic country we are blessed to live and travel in.  The landscape is so diverse …hard to remember those flat rolling prairies a few months ago. Regardless of our stops, Canadians are friendly, kind and helpful wherever we go, and go we have. Totaling our distance covered is a bit mind boggling – 9,900km to date from leaving home April 21st!  (and I don’t want to total the gas bills)  But it is proving to be a fantastic way to travel and see the sights and we love it. (did I mention it is also a lot easier than the sailing life?)

Chute de Chaudiere - leaving Quebec CIty

Chute de Chaudiere just as we were leaving Quebec City

Since our last update we spent a spectacular week up and down the Gaspe Peninsula.  It’s a land of rugged beauty with the Chic Choc Mountains to our starboard and plunging coastlines to port, endless lighthouses and challenging hiking and biking too.

g (7)

whale watching in Riviere du Loup – this Fin Whale was 20m long…..we saw him in hunting mode as he surfaced and his 2m spout several times



near the Sagouney River

near the Sagueney River – supreme whale feeding grounds

feeling small

feeling small against the great big sea

harnessing wind energy is a common sight

harnessing wind energy is as common a sight as lighthouses

g (12)

almost at land’s end…. we finally abandoned our bikes and chose to hike the last 4km

g (11)

Land’s End – Gaspe Peninsula

g (5)

Perce Rock

g (4)

grey seal friends on Bonaventure Island

g (3)

1, 2, 3…….250 000

perce (30)

but one of those 250 000 gannets inhabiting Bonaventure Island for the season

Roo Gets her Sea Legs


love those nights on the ocean again


hmmm this is a familiar sight


watch your step

g (10)

we learn much of the battles between Britain and France over this territory called New France – from the Plains of Abraham to the Battle of Restigouche and more….History comes alive

into New Brnswick we go

into New Brunswick we go

NEW BRUNSWICK – Part One – we will return to complete a visit to Fredericton and the western edge on our way to Maine in the fall)

The Acadian Coastal and Fundy Coastal Drive routes in New Brunswick provide lots of sights, tastes, sounds and sea

Highlights to include:

  • Endless bright seaside homes decorated in Acadian colors
  • Lobster, lobster, lobster
  • Mussels, cod … all so fresh and delicious!
  • The “Magnetic Hill” illusion was so fun
  • Hopewell Rocks, high and low tide changes are mind boggling
  • Yoga on the beach in Cap Pele – ahhhhh
Petite Rocher, lighthouse

Petite Rocher, lighthouse

nb (9)

seaside villages abound

ahhh, lobster again! - and must say it is by far sweeter and yummier than the Caribbean lobster

ahhh, lobster again! – and must say it is by far sweeter and yummier than the Caribbean lobster


Acadian pride

Acadian pride

nb (7)

a step back in time as we tour the Acadian Historic Village recounting their life in the 1800 – 1990’s

nb (6)

nb (5)

Glen learns cedar shake making the old fashioned way

Acadian history

Acadian history

a brisk swim in the Atlantic

a brisk swim in the Atlantic is how I celebrated the start to Canada Day


the ‘mysterious’ Magnetic Hill in Moncton. Drive to the bottom, put Roo in neutral, take your foot off the brakes and you coast back up to the top! (this was the car in front of us)…twilight zone, perhaps


Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks, high tide

Hopewell Rocks, high tide

Hopewell Rocks, low tide

Hopewell Rocks, low tide

Hopewell Rocks, even lower tide!

Hopewell Rocks, even lower tide!


low tide and the sea bed empties except for the incoming river

lobster, lobster, lobster

did someone say lobster, again?  OK!

covered bridges everywhere-but not for Roo

covered bridges everywhere-but not for Roo

hmmm, not a sailboat...

hmmm, not a sailboat…but we have good practice at these shots

Cap Pele-beach paradise

Cap Pele-beach paradise – now if only the sun would come and STAY out!

now, THAT's a lobster

now, THAT’s a lobster

 And things I will never tire of…..


watching the sea

nb (10)

and sunsets

And so, we bid farewell (for now) to New Brunswick and cross the bridge (the most incredible 19km Confederation Bridge – a marvel to contemplate its construction) and hit the red sands of Prince Edward Islands.


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