Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

And so it has been quite a while since our last update… sorry for the delay and worry as we have started receiving calls as to our whereabouts and howabouts!


We have gone south, north, west, south and east again since our last update for many reasons.  Our first adventure south took us to Maine and the adventure filled exploration of Acadia National Park.  We did some great hiking and exploring here before making it the big city of Boston.  We spent a very full day walking what felt like the entire city.  Surprised by the very costly admission fees we did a lot of looking from the street.  We then made our way south to the home of the “rich and famous” in the Cape Cod area.  We didn’t do the full tour to Martha’s Vineyard but certainly had a taste hitting all the other coastal stops.  Provincetown, a highlight, was certainly a colorful, vibrant and fun-filled village.


hiking in Acadia National Park, Maine


Ba Ha Ba (Barr Harbour that is)

Ba Ha Ba (Barr Harbour that is)






following the Freedom Trail

Rhode Island made the list in order to hook up with our inspiring friend, Kathy.  What a great reunion as we caught up and tried to keep up with all of her adventuring over the past year and plans for this year.  Kathy continues to amaze us with her strength, .



Provincetown, Cape Cod


Newport, Rhode Island

And then we fell into a funk … well ok, I did.  Where to go, what to do?  The ‘glamour’ of the USA had started to dim already.  Promises of easy boon docking, cheap food and touring just didn’t come to be.  With toll roads looming on the I-90 we shifted plans to head north first and then I threw in, “why not head to Ottawa to see Doug and Wendy?”…. and that was it…. After two days of driving I enjoyed a much needed recharge connecting with friends and a few days off of planning!


Wash Toss Tourney at the Ball Party!


Mini Golf – FINALLY

We received even more blessings after a message from our caretaker at home that a tree had fallen on our place after a rambunctious wind storm.  And we send big bouquets to our amazing community at home and Wayne for dealing with the tree and providing assurance that all is well in the forest.


From Ottawa it was an easy hop to Toronto where the greatly anticipated “Cruisers’ Reunion” took place.  This fantastic event, hosted by Gwen and Guillaume was so special.  Who would have ever thought that so many of us would be able to gather together to relive and celebrate our times down south?   What was to be a one or two day event gradually morphed into a 5+ day occasion including local touring,  adventuring, eating, game playing and lots and lots of laughter and love.  Special doesn’t even begin to describe this time.


the crazy gang – together again!


missing our Aussie buds!


yikes, this is COLD!


tour guide Gwen hands out our VIP medals!




wasn’t that a party – a great meeting of the OCDC (displaced cruisers)


A day in Toronto to see the iconic sites and FINALLY meet  Doug and Wendy’s ‘wondergirl’, Jess!  And finally we threw off the bowlines, I mean rolled down GG’s driveway,  and headed to the Niagara Falls area.  We relaxed, explored and recovered here for a couple of days awaiting mail from home.  And then we crossed the border once more…..farewell Canada and winter!   We look forward to discovering the backroads and some big cities as we make our way south for the winter.


CN Tower


out and about in downtown Toronto


a view from the tower

As the calendar flips to October my heart is heavy …”they” say grief comes and goes like waves in a storm and mine are feeling a little like Tropical Storm Matthew right now.  Memories and emotions are crashing around as I approach the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing.  Most days I can smile at a memory but there are others when I just wish I had another moment to share my adventures with her and to return ‘home’.   Author Alexander Levy, captures the feeling:

“Parents provide a unique spot on this planet, which is called “home”, where we can return, if we need to, to be loved and to feel that we belong.  This spot, in the parent’s heart and in our mind, has existed since the beginning of our lives, and it has flourished in shared ancestry with roots stretching back to the beginning of our time.  This spot cannot be imitated.  It cannot be recreated.  After parents die, it’s gone.”




Sunset over Lake Ontario, SandHill Park


Comments on: "Cross Border Adventures, Reunions, Friendships, Blessings and Heartache" (2)

  1. Patrick Hudson said:

    We feel your pain and remind you of all the great times you shared with your feisty wonder woman Mom. Enjoy the trip the sun and people and scenery, Try and stay out of Mr Trumps way

  2. Patrick Hudson said:

    Great pictures thanks for the phone call

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