Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

(MN, NH, DE, MA, RI, VT, NY, PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, NC…not including the fly-in trip to NV)

Rolling, Rolling, keep those wheels rolling…..

No grass is growing under our chassis as we continue to motor our way through this great big land.  We have adventured, explored, hiked, reunited, visited and learned a tonne of American history, geography and politics too!


Pennsylvania was a bit of everything.  We found some fabulous parks – state and national to hike, bike and explore.  The beginning of the fall colours made hiking even more stunning …. a boulder field  was a first.  Delaware Gap Park (which includes parts of the Appalachian Trail) was fantastic.  We found endless waterfalls, rock climbs, bike paths for my “new to me” bike and also the beginning of chillier temperatures.




careful Glen…. these reminded us of the tsunami evacuation signs in the BVI’s



more hikes, more waterfalls

And after several days of the outdoors we were recharged and ready to tackle a “big city”…the city of Love…..



We found an “interesting” campground opportunity right in the city that we took advantage of.  It was an easy 10 minute bus ride to downtown.  We spend 10 hours following in the steps of history.  Wow!!!!  “Independence National Park” where so much Colonial and Revolutionary history is preserved, was a walking history lesson.  To meander through the very streets where Americans began their quest for freedom and Independence certainly provided food for thought.  And the very building, complete with desk and chair where Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the “Declaration of Independence and Constitution” was enacted is mind boggling.  Of course, the Liberty Bell of 1753 was worth another moment of pondering.  And so we walked and walked and walked….




the Liberty Bell…crack and all


amazing new buildings…



nestled next to historic ones…. City Hall

but a trip to Philly would be incomplete, we had heard, without a “cheese steak sandwich”.  And so, Reading Terminal Market provided the ideal place to explore and for Glen to try out this ‘delicacy”!!!!   Let’s just say he didn’t need dinner that night!



Not sure this state should count in our numbers as it was a brief stop – one night!  Literally we drove, walked the beach slept, bought cheap booze (apparently the only nearby state without tax) and left for Maryland.


AHhh, for us it was getting back to the land of sea and sailboats once more that felt great.   A night in a beautiful State Park provided a hike through swampy bits and a chance to chill for a bit.  Annapolis was next in line.  And how fantastic to be able to catch up with cruising buddies, Donna and Kirk and the gorgeous Sadie Mae!  We found the best campground right outside their front door in a lovely neighborhood within walking distance to downtown.  Initially we had planned on crashing for a night… well five days later we finally pulled out.  We had so much fun catching up and sharing stories, birthday celebrations, dogs, grandchildren and Canadian Thanksgiving.  Somehow my camera never really made it out and so these precious moments were “photo-less”.  A few days at the boat show reminded us that this land travel was temporary and we really belong and feel most at home on the sea…..  soon come.


now that’s a LOT of boats!


downtown historic Annapolis


a birthday celebration in combination with a wine, reggae festival…rain, what rain?


checking out the latest new gadgets at the boat show


touring the Naval Academy grounds … wow, 16000 applicants a year for 1200 spots!

Our last night in Annapolis was another highlight as we hooked up with another long lost cruising buddy Tim, and his heart melting pal, Mac the silver lab.  So much fun to catch up, share stories, adventures and pieces of our lives.  It really made us reflect once more on the incredible world of cruising and how friends are made from all over the world and it doesn’t matter how long or how far away, you always feel an incredible welcome and connection.


And so we made our next base, Greenbelt National Park, Maryland.  This was a great park that we were able to base ourselves from to explore the capital city.  We spent four days wandering throughout this city of history and politics.  Majestic building, endless memorials and incredible museums.


the Capitol building





Korean War Memorial


the Lincoln Memorial


the Washington Monument


Whitehouse…where we watched the departure, arrival and departure of the presidential helicopter(s)


Roosevelt Memorial


Thomas Jefferson Memorial


World War II Memorial


Vietnam Memorial


Martin Luther King Memorial

And a trip to the Arlington Cemetery was sobering and shocking.  To see the rows and rows of endless markers certainly makes one pause, reflect and wonder at the nature of humankind and the cost of freedom.



a touching tribute at the hourly changing of the guard at the Tombstone of the Unknown Soldier.

Our DC excursion had a brief interruption for a side trip to Las Vegas to see Jimmy Buffet.  AND the surprise of a lifetime, really!   It was a surreal moment to turn around when Rob tapped me on the shoulder……. Reid & Kath in their crazy wanderlust moment had booked last minute flights and tickets to hook up with us!!!!!  It was crazy!!!!  And every time I think of it, my heart warms and overflows with love.


with Rob, Chuk and Val at the tailgate party at the Flamingo


and then…. Reid & Kath arrive!


Parrotheads ready for fun





Gorgeous fall colors met us as soon as we crossed into this State.  Four days of hiking in Shenandoah National Park.  The sun shone but the temperatures continued to drop and we needed our heater every morning and evening!  (Thinking of you Tim and your story as we watched the campers shiver around the fire!)



Black Rock Summit


beautiful fall colors as we hiked up and up


And with a forecast of ugly weather for a day we made a detour to go underground and see the spectacular limestone cave formations at the Shenandoah Caverns.



can you see the bacon?



some crazy lighting turns these 4 inches of water in to the “rainbow lake” formation


Glen’s list included spending time here to see the largest naval base in the US.  And wow, was it amazing.  We found a great boat trip that allowed us front row seats as we toured down the row of mind boggling navy vessels.  The narrator was extremely knowledgeable and provided a detailed description of each.  It really provides an overwhelming sense of awe.  Scary to think of these ships being put to use.


these copters were obviously involved in some serious SEAL team training as they flew back and forth – often with tethers hanging


one of the two Navy Hospital ships -a  600 bed floating hospital.


over 1.5 miles of Navy ships……



supply ships


our escort as we made our way down the channel


Nimitz class aircraft carrier

After Las Vegas we both ended up fighting nasty colds and so we found a great State park to hang out for a few days where we were able to do some walks, but mainly rest.  We did a little bit of exploring… through some trails that had lots of windfall and damage thanks to Matthew and Nicole.




OBX (the Outer Banks)

This area deserves more time to summarize…..and this blog is getting way too long… so for now… Roo continues to travel south and west….destination Florida sometime in December.


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  1. Patrick Hudson said:

    We are in Vancouver for our boy to have testing. no health issues all is good long drive for us, lots of dreary wet rain. was great to read your blog. keep having fun.

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