Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

It has been a while…. actually a long, long while…. since I have:  engaged in social media; put pen to paper; finger to keyboard or to camera shutter for that matter.   Must admit I have been in a bit of a funk and feeling out of sorts.  Lots of life events, happenings – some good, some not so good, the overwhelming adjustment of life back at Mabel and all that brings.   And as a good friend has written so eloquently before (and always)… I lost my words and …..  I also sort of lost contact with the outside world!   But, I am back and ready to tackle our next adventure.

So a quick recap since our last long ago blog, facebook post etc etc:

We returned from our grand RV adventure at the beginning of March… a little earlier than planned in order to be part of the BIG party – my brother’s surprise retirement party.  It was great to be there and be an additional surprise for him.


There were many Gilligans and Mary Anns in attendance

After heading home and getting busy sorting, unpacking and settling into things at home we were quickly on the road again back to Alberta.  We spent most of April, a couple of weeks in May, and a week of June in Hanna spending time with Glen’s mom, the miracle energizer bunny.  We are happy to report that things have settled down and she seems to be doing ok.   Doctors have in fact used the word “miracle” in reference to her recovery.   We are blessed and thankful she is feeling much better.

We made the decision to sell our lovely little “Roo” and happy to report she is in the hands of a great couple who are happy to continue her adventures.  We really enjoyed our road travels and seeing so much of Canada and much of the eastern US.  So many fabulous stops …. and sooo much left to see!  I hope to find some time soon to do some reflecting and piecing together a photo journey of our highlights of the past year.

Farewell to our Great Home on Wheels!

In the midst of all this we have continued our search for our next “floating home”. … and happy to report we have found her.  Things have happened, very, very quickly and we fly away July 22 to Tortola to climb aboard with Reid & Kathy.  She is a gorgeous 46’ 2007 Leopard.  For some photos and details check out my brother’s blog as he has uploaded a walk through….  We are still awaiting official registration from Transport Canada, but hope to retain her name, Grand Cru.

And so as we juggle packing, “pre-provisioning” and work at camp we are getting excited and I am finding some of my words and catching up in many ways again.  We are looking forward to returning to the lifestyle afloat and adventures in the Caribbean.  It will be awesome to share, explore and sail with Reid and Kathy.  We are also looking forward to reconnecting with friends through the Isles!


Comments on: "And SO… We are Off on our next adventure!" (10)

  1. Sunny Abercrombie said:

    Awesome !! So happy you’re heading back to the water! Where you two belong! 💕

  2. Izzy StClair said:

    So excited for you! Reid and Kathy are very lucky to have such seasoned travelers with them on this journey. Break them in easy, Dalynn! Have another fabulous run through the Caribbean!

    • Thanks Izzy! We are excited! And you guys have certainly headed north! Loved Annapolis! And some grandkid snuggles soon, how exciting! And then ….where? Hopefully our paths may cross again.

  3. Kathy Reager said:

    Congratulations, how exciting for you guys to be back sailing. I’m so happy for you, miss you.

    • We are very excited! And how goes the Alaskan adventure? Hope to see you somewhere, sometime! hugs and miss you

  4. Wow! Congratulations on your new floating home! Wishing you many new adventures in her! xx

  5. Henry Gilbert said:

    Congrats and good luck with the next chapter in your lives!

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