Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

We’rrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  back!!  And so after our 4 years aboard Amoray we took time to do some “land yacht” adventuring in our 24’ Class C for one year.  We enjoyed the land travel tremendously and were so happy to have finally experienced the incredible beauty, hospitality and life in the Canadian Maritimes, which was certainly on our bucket list.  And following the sun down the eastern seaboard continued to keep us close to the sea.  And the sea never stopped calling…..

So with Roo off to new owners and adventures we are even more thrilled to be back where these toes belong…..shoeless!

One year ago we were celebrating our anniversary with great friends, Dave and Alex in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Shenanigans, dress up and toasting with Newman’s port were all part of the day.  And today we celebrated aboard our new home – wow, 365 days and a world away.

Nomads at heart, we definitely feel most at home on the sea.  And what a “home” we now share with Reid and Kathy.  We are so stoked to call Grand Cru our new abode.  This lovely vessel has been so well taken care of and has soooo many extras than we had never imagined.  She has been lovingly cared for by Peter and Bobbi, who have sailed her for almost her entire life.   These amazing folks have also been so helpful and gone above and beyond our expectations.  Not only were we met with champagne, they have provided answers to our never ending questions, come out us with us several times to help us learn her tricks and maneuvering and offered many pearls of wisdom.  We truly wish them the best as they move on to new adventures in their lives…. “now that we have made them homeless and jobless ”!!

Our 10 days onboard have been fabulous…but…just when we thought we knew a little about sailing we feel like we are starting all over again as we learn the ins and outs of catamaran life…feels like a return to that exponential learning curve of years ago.

We are also working on making a few slight changes to make her more “cruiser” rather than “charter” friendly.  We have been out and about to Virgin Gorda …because isn’t that a great ‘classroom’ to practice and learn.

an absolute dream to sail

zoom, zoom, zoom! really? no heeling? really? really?

now THIS is the party cockpit….

our partners in crime

hiking Guy’s Trail at the Bitter End

Trying out some of our new toys

We have also already got to experience having her hauled – thanks again to Peter for his expertise and captaining us into the lift.  A few repairs and a chance to break out those polishing, cleaning and scouring pads and she is ready to splash tomorrow.

And we then hope to be on our way south very soon after… CAMP GRENADA here we come.




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