Caribbean Adventures Part TWO!

Where We Are

August 2/2017 – Nanny Cay Marina – ready to splash and head to St Martin – “soon come”

June/2017 – We have been back at home (sort of) since March and getting ready for our next adventure

April/2016 – Packing Up at home – Mabel Lake, BC….. getting ready to hit the road NEXT week for our year long land journey.

mabel lake

A (very) Tentative Plan of our Year’s Adventure

a plan



Port Louis Marina, St. George’s, Grenada


I am in Morinville, Alberta whilst Glen is doing chores in Grenada:)

05/10/12 – Grenada At Last (with plans to stay awhile)


St. Vincent &  Grenadines and now Carriacou…. on the way to Grenada

04/25/12 – Dominica, Martinque and currently on the north end of St.Lucia

04/12/12 – Guadeloupe

04/05/12 – back at Jolly Harbor to bid farewell to Reid & Kathy – next stop Guadelope (after the Easter weekend)

03/23/12 – Jolly Harbor – Antigua

03/22/12 – Nevis

on the way to Antigua tomorrow:)

03/20/2012 – St.Kits

we stopped at St. Eustatia and now Kits…. next is Nevis and then on to Antigua

03/16/2012 – Sint Maarten – heading to St. Bart’s today

03/06/12 – Levrick Bay, Virgin Gorda (one of the northern most islands in the BVI’s)

waiting for the winds to lessen so we can make it to St. Martin

02/22/ – Back to Tortola, BVI

off to explore another BVI island or two until Rob arrives on the March 5

02/15/12St.Thomas, United States Virgin Islands


Back at Nanny Cay Marina for a few more adjustments and to pick up our registration and rename her!  Heading out to the US Virgin Islands probably Sunday:)

01/27/12 Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, Virgin Islands (UK)Slip 7 

 loving life and the sea!If you look at the arrow pointing to the BVI’s above – we are on the largest island staying at the best marina in the chain (so we are told) .  By next Friday we hope to be off explorning some of those other little dots (isles)


Post holidays – we are now home from Alberta – had a great time catching up with families and friends.  We are now madly planning, packing and panicking as we prepare to set sail as our overdue dream comes true.


We are currently home in Canada at Mabel Lake soon to head to Alberta for more cold and snow and Christmas.  Our boat is resting in the sunshine on the island of Tortola, BVI.  She is due for her survey inspection and sea trial on Wednesday…. hoping all goes well.


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